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Open, activate, and balance chakra system

Oil Blend Benefits:
Assists in activating, strengthening and balancing the entire chakra system. This powerful oil is a unique blend of 7 specific oils each supporting one of the 7 chakras. 

Size: 10ml (0.33 fl. oz.)

Main scent notes: 

Sweet, Floral, Exotic


100% pure premium grade organic or wildcrafted essential oils of Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Ginger, Rose, Petitgrain, Rosemary, Red Mandarin

Patchouli-Root Chakra: Grounding and balancing the entire chakra system, connecting the user to the earth’s energy and strengthening the user's auric field from taking on invasive energies

Ylang Ylang-Creation Chakra: Opening the creative energy and feelings of pleasure to support the user in their creative endeavors, and to experience the personal benefits of sexual pleasure.

Ginger-Power Chakra: Activating and strengthening the user's sense of personal power and connecting with their innate energy of self-worth and value.

Rose-Heart Chakra: Heal past emotional wounding and activate and strengthen the heart to stay open and connected to the mind and body’s energy field.

Petitgrain-Throat Chakra: Activate and strengthen the user's true voice. To have clarity of thought and confidence in what is spoken. To know when to speak and when to listen.

Rosemary-Intuitive Chakra: Open and strengthening the third eye energy, the gifts of intuition and psychic abilities. To connect this chakra with positive energies and block any negative psychic connections

Red Mandarin-Crown Chakra: Activate and strengthen the connection to the divine and the user's higher self. To create constant streaming of the heavens to the user so they experience spiritual support, protection, and guidance every day of their lives.
How to Use
These essential oil blends ease your healing in simple, effective ways. You’ll get the most benefit if you apply them correctly and regularly.

The 5 simplest, most effective ways to use Carol Tuttle Healing Oils:

• Direct Inhalation
• Bath
• Topical
• Diffusing
• Massage

For clear, in-depth instructions for each method, visit our “How to Use” page.
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Foundation Matching
Follow these 3 easy steps to successfully choose the correct foundation color.

1. Determine your skin undertone: yellow, red or neutral. (See definitions below.)
2. Determine your skin shade.
3. Select the specific foundation formula you would like and then you will find the corresponding color.

To determine your skin undertone, look at the veins on the back of your wrist. (To see the color best, stand under a bright light or in natural daylight.)

Yellow: The veins in your wrist will appear more green.
Red: The veins in your wrist will appear blue.
Neutral: The veins in your wrist will be a mix between blue and green.

Skin Shade*

Fair: Your skin burns easily in the sun. Your veins are easily seen through your skin.
Light: Your skin tends to burn in the sun with a short-lived tan. The backside of your arm is very light.
Light-Medium: Your skin will tan slightly, but tends to burn if you spend 2+ hours in the sun with no protection.
Medium: Your skin usually tans after spending time in the sun. Your veins are not easily seen through your skin.
Dark: Your skin has a naturally darker pigment. You tan easily and rarely burn.
*Please note your skin may be one shade lighter or darker depending on the season.


BB Cream
Light coverage. Includes moisturizer and SPF 18.

Satin Finish
Medium-full coverage. SPF 15. Dewy glowing finish.

Studio Blend
Full coverage with 12 hours of wear. SPF 15. Matte Finish.

Dual Blend Foundation
Finishing and setting powder. The perfect companion to any liquid foundation. Can be worn alone for light coverage.

Concealing Cream
Use with any foundation to conceal the most difficult skin flaws and uneven skin tone. Extremely blendable and easy to work with.
Brow Matching
We recommend you choose a Brush-On-Brow color that matches the roots of your hair. For best results, determine if your hair is a cool, neutral, or warm tone. Then find the Brush-on-Brow that matches your hair color and tone listed on the chart below.

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HIPS 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-41 42-44 45-47 48-50 52-55
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