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Lifestyle is an online membership for women committed to loving their true selves.
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In-depth insight
into your Energy Type

New videos and articles published each week

Lifestyle is packed with ongoing, in-depth guidance to live true
to you and understand the people around you. Watch a quick
video each morning to inspire your day or curl up and binge on
inspiration. Either way, you’ll feel encouraged and motivated,
with practical tools for your style, relationships, and life.

Advice from friends who really get you

Guidance from the Dressing Your Truth Expert team

With Type-specific insight, Carol Tuttle and her team of Experts support you with
helpful style tutorials and knowledge about your Type. They answer your personal
questions and respond to comments. In a world that often pits women against each
other, we sit down as friends here to support and uplift you in being yourself.

Style ideas and inspiration

Ongoing outfit examples and tutorials

Your style should be all about you—not just the clothes you wear.
With examples and tutorials for your Type, Carol and the Dressing
Your Truth Experts help you put together knockout outfits every
day to spotlight the amazing person you are, both inside and out.

Take a peek at amazing outfit inspiration

More ways to do your 'do

Step-by-step guidance from Dressing Your Truth Stylists

The Dressing Your Truth Stylists share tutorials right from the salon to help you create a variety
of looks. Building on the basics of your Type of beauty, they go into more in-depth techniques
with varied styling tools and products—all to help you love your hair even more.

See a preview of Lifestyle hair tutorials

A deeper look
into your Energy Type

Expert insight into your secondary Energy Type

Take the life-changing experience of loving your Energy
Type a step further. In exclusive Lifestyle content, Carol
Tuttle and her team of Experts show how to bring your
secondary Energy Type into your look and lifestyle for a
life that supports you even more.

Real-life progress with
recognized energy healer

Healing and coaching sessions with Carol Tuttle

With 25+ years’ experience and keen insight into human nature,
Carol helps you heal and move forward. Her Lifestyle energy
healing sessions remove blocks and equip you with practical tools,
such as meridian tapping, visualization, chakra healing, and more.

Feel Carol’s support in this quick preview

Online events
with a personal touch

Live online broadcasts and Q&As

Lifestyle members get to ask personal questions about
their Energy Type, personal style, and life. From Q&As
just for your Type, to Type Talk with Carol, you’ll love
tuning in and come away feeling validated and inspired.


Free shipping on
every order you place

Want that item you love in the Dressing Your Truth store right now—but don't want to
pay shipping? Problem solved. Every order you place as a Lifestyle member can be
sent with free standard U.S. shipping. Any order, any item, every time. Shipping internationally? We've got you covered, too.
Receive a $6 shipping discount on every order sent outside of the U.S.

Every month

Monthly discounts that save you
more than your membership costs

No waiting for your favorite new release to go on sale! As a Lifestyle member,
you receive a new coupon code each month for the Dressing Your Truth Store—
so you can claim your discount the day that best fits your budget and lifestyle.
Some women save more than the price of their Lifestyle membership!

Exclusive access

Get outfit ideas and inspiration
with The StyleInspire

  • You don’t have to figure out your style alone. We’re
    here to inspire you! Each week, see beautiful products
    and an amazing outfit example, just right for your Type.

  • See a product you really love? Click over
    and buy it from the store where we found it!
    It’s like having a DYT Expert shop with you.

Bonus Mini-Course

Join Carol and her husband Jon to transform your relationship. You’ll receive practical guidance and Type-specific phrases to help you say what matters most—and have him hear you.

  • 1Living by the right script
  • 2Empowering the powerless girl
  • 3Language that works: 34 phrases
  • 4Getting on the same page
  • 5Communicating with his Energy Type
  • 6Creating true love
  • 7Letting go of expectation
  • 8Maintaining joy: 3 daily practices
More about this mini-course

Everything you get with Lifestyle

Lifestyle gives you practical ongoing guidance to create your most beautiful life.


Membership Benefits

New videos and articles published each week

Guidance and answers from Carol Tuttle’s Expert team

Ongoing outfit examples and tutorials for your Energy Type

Step-by-step hair tutorials from Dressing Your Truth Stylists

Expert insight into your secondary Energy Type

Energy healing and coaching sessions with Carol Tuttle

Lifestyle-only online broadcasts and Q&As

Free U.S. shipping in the Dressing Your Truth Store (unlimited, no minimum purchase)

Discounted International Shipping ($6 off international rates)

Monthly Lifestyle-only Store Discounts

StyleInspire access

BonusRewarding Communication Mini-course

Two easy options that fit your lifestyle

Lifestyle-only tutorials, personalized healing, free shipping, and more. You can cancel any time.

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Frequently Answered Questions

  • Why do I need Lifestyle when you have so much free content on your site?

    We do offer a lot for free! But we’ve found that so many people love how Energy Profiling changes their lives that they want even more. If you want more frequent support to embrace your Energy Type in your style, your relationships, and your life, sign up. Your monthly membership makes it possible for us to create all the ongoing resources that Lifestyle offers you.

  • What’s the difference between Lifestyle Membership and the Dressing Your Truth Course?

    The Dressing Your Truth Course is an online makeover program that teaches you how to create a unique personal style. The comprehensive modules show you how to highlight your Type of beauty in your clothes, accessories, makeup, and hairstyle. The Dressing Your Truth Course is a one-time purchase.

    Lifestyle Membership is an ongoing subscription with in-depth insight into the 4 Energy Types, personal healing, and personal style—plus, unique events, shopping perks and unlimited free shipping. You can choose Lifestyle membership on an annual or monthly basis.

    We (of course) recommend that you invest in both for the best results in living and dressing your truth. But if you’re not sure, Lifestyle membership is a great, inexpensive way to get your feet wet.

  • If I choose the monthly plan, when will I be billed each month?

    You will be billed the same day of the month that you join Lifestyle. For example, if you subscribe to your Lifestyle membership on the 12th of this month, your next monthly payment will be charged to your card on the 12th of next month, as well.

  • Is there a payment plan available for the annual membership?

    Thank you for wanting to be a Lifestyle member all year! At the moment, there is no extended plan option for annual membership, just a one-time yearly payment. If you choose not to subscribe annually right now, you are welcome to subscribe monthly and upgrade when you’re ready.

  • Can I cancel if I find Lifestyle membership isn’t for me?

    Absolutely. You may cancel at any time. Your Lifestyle subscription is located clearly in your account area, where you can manage your membership status easily.

  • What will I love most about being a Lifestyle member?

    That depends on who you are! Here’s what a few members have to say about their Lifestyle membership:

    “I was hesitant at first to try Lifestyle, but I am so glad that I did! It is very helpful, practical, and instructive, and I feel like it is easier and more fun for me to dress my truth. I love it!” —Ashley S, Type 4

    “I really can't put into words how much this has helped me. I am so much more confident in who I am and my relationships with those around me are better because I understand myself and them more fully. Thank you so much for all of your time and energy in putting all of this together! I love it!” —Sally B. Type 2

    “I feel supported rather than talked down to. Like a friend showing me how she does it instead of some airbrushed model that I don't believe! This makes me happy to be a woman, feeling friendship and sharing, rather than competition and judgement. Thank you for an amazing community and great mentors.” —Lesley D, Type 2

    “Thank you for creating the Lifestyle experience! It is the most wholesome and comprehensive lifestyle guide in existence. I'm so glad I joined!” —Angie N, Type 2

    “Lifestyle is such a positive upbeat site. I always feel encouraged and motivated after spending time there.” —Mary D, Type 2

    “I had been lost at sea. DYT Lifestyle has become a lighthouse.” —Mariah S., Type 3