Carol Tuttle presents the Dressing
Your Truth Anti-aging Skin Care Line

Your skin is aging prematurely.
Now it doesn’t
have to anymore.

I de-aged myself.
I’ll show you how to do it, too.

In my early 50s, after years of sun damage and neglect, my skin was aging faster than I believed it had to. I thought the only things I could do were fillers and Botox. I tried them and realized that they didn’t repair damaged skin.

So I set out to learn other ways to slow down the visible aging process. My goal was not to look “younger,” but to be the healthiest version of myself at my age.

I spent 10 years researching, learning, and making key lifestyle changes to tap into my skin’s natural regenerative power. In all those changes, one of the most important components I used was supportive skincare. I personally used dozens of different products and spent thousands of dollars to find what works. (And what really doesn’t!)

It’s been worth all the time and money not only because I have healthy skin, but because now I can help YOU.

I’m thrilled to share with you my anti-aging product line.

These products are essential in my personal skin-health regimen and I use them every day. I am so excited to help you simplify your skincare routine and get powerful results from the most essential ingredients your skin needs. Shop products

To have healthy skin, you need to care for three conditions. Most women are dealing with at least one of these issues—or even all three!

  • Volume

    Sagging, drooping

  • Elasticity

    Increased wrinkles

  • Pigmentation

    Age spots, discoloration

My anti-aging line contains the heavy-hitting ingredients you need to rebuild the look of volume and elasticity, as well as clear your complexion.

  • 01


    volume • elasticity

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    This holy grail of skin care ingredients helps your skin appear fuller and firmer.

    Retinoids are the #1 dermatologist-recommended ingredient for aging skin. Retinyl palmitate is a Vitamin A derivative that speeds up skin cell turnover and stimulates collagen, which visibly improves the appearance of fullness and firmness. When I started using retinyl, I experienced a sloughing effect. I recommend you also use an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and reveal skin that looks firmer.

  • 02


    elasticity • complexion

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    A citrus-derived treat that perks up skin and evens out age spots.

    Along with citrus stem cells, Vitamin C helps even out skin tone, brighten your complexion, enhance the appearance of your skin’s elasticity, and reduces the appearance of age spots and blemishes. I experienced hyperpigmentation for years. Using Vitamin C supported my natural skin tone in evening out.

  • 03


    volume • elasticity

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    A boost of hydration for vibrant-looking skin

    Sun exposure, pollution, and the natural aging process decrease the amount of hydration in your skin cells. Sodium hyaluronate binds to water, which means it gives your skin a boost of hydration for a visible firming effect. Sodium hyaluronate is derived from the popular anti-aging ingredient, hyaluronic acid. Because sodium hyaluronate is a smaller molecule, its moisturizing effects absorb more deeply. I love the way this anti-aging ingredient visibly smooths.

  • 04


    volume • elasticity • complexion

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    This natural antioxidant repairs the appearance of fine lines.

    Your body naturally produces CoQ10—an antioxidant for growth and cell maintenance. But its level in your body decreases as you age. Applying CoQ10 to your face supports healthy skin by helping visibly repair sun damage, age spots, and hyperpigmentation. It also helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is why it's in my Wrinkle Recovery Serum.

  • 05


    volume • elasticity

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    A restorative protein that helps stimulate collagen growth.

    Peptides are small proteins that help stimulate collagen—an important building block in your skin and connective tissue. Using peptides around your eyes helps smooth and tighten fine skin. Consuming collagen peptide powder supports overall health. I've taken collagen peptides daily for 7 years. I recommend this powder because it is hydrolized for better absorption.

  • 06


    volume • elasticity

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    An anti-inflammatory that repairs visible damage to skin.

    Inflammation can do all kinds of visible damage to your skin. Vitamin E is a nutrient with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that helps to seal in moisture. Reducing inflammation translates to less redness, dryness, or itchiness, and a more even complexion. It's a perfect addition to the Face Smoothing Exfoliator in my skincare line.

  • 07


    volume • elasticity

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    Plant-derived extracts and oils offer the best of nature.

    This anti-aging skin care line includes the most effective anti-aging ingredients along with powerful botanicals. Natural orange oil helps brighten skin. Chamomile soothes any potential irritation from using a potent retinoid product. All oils and extracts support your skin’s appearance. These products offer you the best of scientific anti-aging advances and the botanical world.

Get the full anti-aging skincare collection

With so many products out there, skin care can feel confusing. I make it simpler and get you great results. See my personal anti-aging routine.


All of our products are formulated by chemists in the United States using the highest quality ingredients from around the world. These potent formulations combine anti-aging ingredients with natural botanicals.

*All skincare products are vegan. Collagen Peptides Powder supplement is not.

No more cupboards full of expensive products that don’t get you results.

Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of money, trying to find the right products to support my skin. With so many options out there, finding what works can get expensive and can clutter up your bathroom counter with products you end up not even using.

At one point, I had a cupboard full of almost two dozen products.

Now I have seven—and they all get results.

I’m excited for you to bring life back into your skin, like I did.

I created these premium products with both botanicals and potent anti-aging ingredients to make it simple for you.

Growing older is unavoidable. How you age is a choice.

Bless You,


  • Carol, have you ever had a face lift?
    I have not.

    I have learned how to restore my skin's volume and elasticity, as well as clear up my complexion over the last 10 years.

    Over the years, I’ve openly shared in videos the resources I’ve used to restore health and vitality to my skin. Inner healing, diet, and sun protection are big players. I have used more advanced new technologies called Profound and eMatrix which penetrate the skin at a deep level with heat to activate your collagen to reboot itself. I have done micro needling using stem cells and PRF to feed my collagen and skin cells. I have faithfully used a collagen supplement daily for the last 7 years to rebuild my collagen. I have done my deepest and most profound healing the last 10 years. And I have used skin care products with the most effective ingredients.

    You can see the top 5 things I did to reverse the aging process here:

    If you choose to get a facelift, eye lift, veneers, use Botox and fillers, good for you. I hope you do it from a place of self-love rather than feeling inadequate and that you have to do it to love yourself.

    I just chose a different path as a bio-hacking enthusiast and hobbyist. I wanted to see what my body and skin were capable of in restoring themselves.
  • You mentioned that you made key lifestyle changes, in addition to using skincare products. What changes did you make?
    Every day, the choices you make either support your overall health or detract from it. Here are the big players in my personal process:

    1. Inner healing. I have done my deepest and most profound healing the last 10 years. You can use the techniques I personally use here:

    2. Dietary choices. I am intentional and balanced with what I eat. Ever since I discovered collagen peptide powder, I have faithfully taken a collagen supplement daily to rebuild my skin’s volume and fortify the rest of my body. I recommend my Collagen Peptides Powder.

    3. Sun protection. Sun damage ages your skin fast. When I’m outside, I wear a wide-brimmed hat that shades my face, neck, and decolletage. I’ve also cared for many other aspects of my health. Read 15 tips I recommend here:
  • How long before I see results?
    You will start feeling a difference in your skin right from the beginning. These products are made of high-quality ingredients that immediately feel good on your skin.

    Seeing visible results obviously takes longer than that, especially if your skin’s appearance is damaged. Take a photo before you start using these skincare products and then mark the change after 1 month and 3 months of consistent use. Results will continue as you continue to care for your skin.

    If you do not have visible damage to repair, I highly recommend that you care for your skin now to support your skin’s health in advance and to slow down the aging process. While you may not see dramatic before-and-after changes of aging in reverse, you will definitely experience more vibrant skin, rather than some of the visible, commonly expected effects of age.
  • Do these products really work? There is no magic cream that fixes everything.
    In my conversations with many women on aging and skincare, I’ve noticed a few things:

    1. Women are not informed about what is available and what to do to repair and restore their skin’s appearance. They often assume that if a woman’s skin looks younger, she used botox and fillers. I’m here to tell you that there are many more resources than that!

    2. There is a ton of skepticism and doubt about skin before and afters. Understandably, as there is a lot of hype.

    3. People assume a lot. My intention is to help you learn more about your skin and your options and support you in choosing what is correct for you.

    Reversing the visible effects of aging has been a 10-year process for me, starting in my early 50s. It started with changing my beliefs and loving myself no matter how I looked. After that, I have addressed many layers to my health, incorporating strategies beyond topical creams. Unhealthy skin is evidence of a lack of health on many levels. I’ve restored my health on all those levels.

    Yes, they do work, which is why I’m sharing them. And yes, they need to be a component in your healthy lifestyle in order to experience their full benefit.
  • I have sensitive skin. Which products should I use?
    All Dressing Your Truth Anti-aging Skincare products will work for sensitive skin. Members of my community who have sensitive skin have reported great success with all of them.

    The entire skincare line is paraben-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, talc-free, cruelty-free and vegan. If you’ve had any reaction to certain ingredients in the past, check the ingredients for these product. A full ingredient list is posted clearly under each product in our store.

    An important note on the #1 dermatologist-recommended ingredient: Retinoids are a compound related to Vitamin A. There are 11 different kinds. While they are potent, some can be harsher on your skin than others. The Wrinkle Recovery Serum and Smoothing Neck Cream contain retinyl palmitate, a less irritating version of its more famous cousin retinol. If your skin is sensitive, consider using these products only a few times a week in the beginning. If your skin responds well, you can work up to using them daily.
  • What do I do if my skin experiences any redness with these products?
    Retinoids are the #1 dermatologist-recommended ingredient for aging skin because they speed up cell turnover and stimulate collagen. Retinyl palmitate is a key ingredient in both the Wrinkle Recovery Serum and Neck Restoring Cream. If you experience any redness when you start to use either, the retinyl palmitate is working, but your skin's response shows that you need to cut down frequency of application to let your skin acclimate.

    For first use, apply a thin layer, and wait a few days to evaluate your skin's response. If you have no visible reaction, repeat application. If your skin experiences redness, use once a week for 1 week, then twice a week for 2 weeks, building up to daily usage over time. Any continued redness or dryness is an indication to use smaller amounts or lower frequency as your skin gets use to this beneficial anti-aging ingredient.

    Retinoids have a sloughing effect. Use the Face Smoothing Exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and take advantage of its soothing effect.
  • Do your products contain fragrance?
    Most of the products in the Dressing Your Truth Anti-aging Skincare line have minimal scent or none at all. A few do have a noticeable fragrance:

    The Skin Brightening Serum contains natural orange oil, which gives it a gentle citrus scent.

    The Face Smoothing Exfoliator contains the following extracts that give it a pleasant botanical scent: anise, coconut, raspberry, vanilla, cucumber melon, pineapple, and apricot.
  • What’s the difference between dehydrated and dry skin?
    At the most basic level, dehydrated skin has a lack of water and dry skin has a lack of oil.

    If your skin is dehydrated, your skin cells do not have access to enough water, most likely because you’re not drinking enough water, but possibly also because of climate, caffeine, diet, or other factors. Dehydrated skin will benefit from sodium hyaluronate, which helps bind water and retain moisture. You can find this ingredient in the Wrinkle Recovery Serum.

    Dry skin is a surface issue. The sebum or oil that your skin produces holds the surface cells together. If less oil is produced than needed, the skin cracks, flakes, and peels. To solve this issue, you need products that don’t strip the skin’s natural moisture and add oils that support your skin’s equilibrium. The Face Smoothing Exfoliator gently removes dead, dry skin cells. But because it contains castor oil, instead of leaving skin raw and dried out, it moisturizes and smooths.
  • What cleanser do you recommend?
    I personally use the face smoothing exfoliator to cleanse my face in the morning and the Microfiber Cleansing Cloth to remove my makeup in the evening. The microfiber cloth works well with only water. I personally do not use another cleanser, but you may use your own preferred cleanser in addition to these products if you would like.
  • Do you offer a moisturizer?
    The serums in my skincare line (Skin Brightening, Eye Corrector, and Wrinkle Recovery) offer enough hydration for most skin types, so you may not even need a moisturizer. However, if your skin feels dry, you may wish to use your preferred moisturizer after you have applied serum to your face.
  • What is your return policy?
    I'm so confident you'll love these products that I give you a 30-day window to be sure. You can return any product for up to 30 days after your purchase. Please reach out to with questions.

    I'm excited for you to have a similar experience to what one woman shared: "I am really impressed and excited about Carol's new skincare products, and I saw a big difference in my skin right away. I had dry areas and oily areas, and now my face just feels really even, healthy, and silky smooth all over. I was surprised by the results of using the Face Smoothing Exfoliator, as scrubs would always leave my face feeling raw and red, but with this product, it feels nourished and incredibly soft. Nourishing would be the word for each of these products. I feel like I'm feeding my skin exactly what it's been craving, and its gratitude shows." —Lauri