Creation Journal

Have one amazing day after another

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What if you could have the best days of your life—day after day after day?

This journal helps you to create them.

The Creation Journal—based on new lessons in the 20th Anniversary Edition of Remembering Wholeness—guides you through Carol Tuttle’s personal process to create one amazing day after another. This simple journaling practice takes less than 5 minutes a day.

With very little time and effort, you will be able to...

  • Be more intentional about the life you’re living

  • Set each day in motion the night before

  • Shift challenging situations with simple sketches

  • Consistently enjoy the best days of your life

Both weekly and monthly layouts are undated, so you can start any time.

The only thing you’ll need to get used to is having so many great days!

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How to use
This journal works differently from other journals.

In other journals, you look back at the past to make a record of it. In this journal, you look forward to create the future. This journal guides you through the simple five-step process of creation taught in Remembering Wholeness.

Write in the journal for 5 minutes at night, using the journal instructions to write intentions for the following day. Lift your level of belief and focus your attention by using the spaces for Energy Sketching when you feel inspired. Look to the instructions and examples in the journal to guide you.

The Creation Journal has three sections to support your best days:
1 big-picture creation page for the year.
12 monthly creation spreads to support you every few weeks.
52 weekly creation spreads. Follow the simple process outlined in this journal and you will create your amazing life in the year to come.

You are a powerful creator.

How amazing can your life look next year?

It’s time to find out.