It’s time to take the mystery out of manifestation.

A 6-week online creation school, immersing you in Carol Tuttle’s teachings of manifestation.

Start manifesting now!

What does it take to actually manifest something in your life?

Some manifestation teachers understand the ideas of manifestation—without actually manifesting anything themselves.

I’ll teach you a manifestation practice that truly works, the same one I’ve personally been using for over 20 years.

In just 6 weeks, I’ll show you everything I know.

Something in your soul knows that you’re meant for more.

What kind of life would you be living if your highest hopes played out? If your body always felt strong and vibrant? If your important relationships brought out the best in you? If you had plenty of money to follow your calling in life?

You have great power that you haven’t fully realized. You can create goodness in the world that you haven’t even imagined yet.

Honestly, when you see what you’re capable of, you’ll blow yourself away.

Victoria manifested a new home

I was in a situation where I needed to find new housing, and I was experiencing a lot of fear because of a past traumatic experience. As I went through the clearings and visualizations and exercises, I started seeing images of a house - a home - for me. As I continued with the program, layers of patterning fell away and I could feel my confidence growing.

Two weeks later, I found my home. I knew it was going to be mine the moment I saw the picture. I made an offer that day and I closed on it Sept 22. I am so incredibly grateful.”

—Victoria & her
manifested new home

When I woke up to my inner power,
I was on my knees.

I’m Carol Tuttle, a healer, teacher, and speaker. In the late 90s, I literally prayed for help to heal my life. My husband and I fought regularly. We were deeply in debt. I was an exhausted young mom. I wanted something different, but I didn’t know how to get it.

One afternoon, I prayed: When will I stop feeling like a victim in life?

The answer came with crystal clarity to my mind…

When you stop believing that you are one.

In that moment, I felt both furious and totally free.

Furious because other people and problems in my life seemed to deserve blame. But I also felt free to take complete charge of my own happiness and healing. In fact, I needed to if I wanted things to change.

So I started creating my life from a position of power.

I had to practice. As I did, that inner shift led to dramatic changes. My marriage transformed. My business flourished. My life opened up to opportunities I’d never dreamed of.

I want YOU to manifest your remarkable life to.
In just 6 weeks, I’ll show you how.
Start manifesting now!

Melissa manifested a thriving business

I'd like to share my powerful manifesting experience! I'm so ecstatic with what has happened in just 3 months that I had to share!

I started a social media-based business 2 years ago but could only get to a certain point and lost momentum....only to repeat the pattern 4 times. Three months ago, I'd done enough healing that I took my dead-in-the-water business and began to resurrect it. I went from previously averaging about $500 in sales to $12,500, including earning my car bonus and several other bonuses in addition to commissions and royalties!

I credit every bit of this to the Healing Center. I've healed so many issues that kept pulling/holding me back! Everything is always working out for me! Thank you again and again, Carol Tuttle!” —Melissa S.

What is The
Manifestation School?

This is an immersive, online 6-week creation school that teaches you how to use your god-given abilities to create your life. It’s based on the manifestation teachings in my best-selling book, Remembering Wholeness.

Each week, you’ll be guided through…

  • A quick audio training

  • Healing sessions to watch

  • Useful journaling prompts

  • 4 simple daily healing practices

  • 10 chapters of Remembering Wholeness

The Manifestation School requires an average of 15-20 minutes of focused attention per day.

Course materials you’ll love

Remembering Wholeness

This best-selling book has been read by 300,000+ worldwide. The 20th Anniversary Edition includes new insights in all 60 chapters. A pdf version of the book is included in The Manifestation School.

Stop Blocking Happiness (3 parts)

Happiness is available in every moment, but we block it. This course includes a 3-part healing session to help you energize a steady stream of happiness in your life.

10-Second Pivot

Did you know you can change the way you feel in 10 seconds or less? Learn to shift away from feeling upset and open yourself up to peace and happiness in any situation.

Ho-oponopono technique

This 4-part mantra correct imbalances in your energy so that you can bring yourself back to a state of balance and high vibration.

Creation Journaling

You will learn my personal practice to energize what you want to create. We’ll focus on how creation journaling can shift negative experiences to positive ones.

Erika manifested her health

My thyroid is healed!!! Thanks to the Healing Center and direct healing from Jesus, I am now free of ALL medication. I went from being a patient with one of the highest levels of thyroid medication in my doctor's practice down to 0 meds in just 10 weeks! (This is after almost 10 years of meds too.) I have more energy & motivation than I have in years! HUGE WIN!!” —Erika B.

Life-changing support along the way

To get access to The Manifestation School, join the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. You’ll also have access to the extensive Healing Center library.

  • Positive, private group

    As you go through each section, you’ll have questions or successes. Come post in the private group! We work to make it one of the most positive places you’ll find online.

  • Incredible support from an incredible team

    My support team and I are active in the group for members. Just tag #supportangels and they’ll answer your questions and recommend Healing Center resources.

  • Personal help along the way

    You can start The Manifestation School at any time. All the materials are ready for you to watch whenever you're ready.

manifesting now!

Cynra manifested her job

Two years ago, I was approached to convert to a full-time employee [at my job]. Almost immediately, one obstacle after another presented. I was frustrated, depressed, and ready to give up.

So… I “gave up” by turning it over to my angels and trusting my ability to manifest what would truly be best for me and my family. The process has healed so many of my negative habits and thoughts toward money and work.

Well, Monday I started my first day as a full-time employee making more money and even better benefits than I expected. I am so grateful to Carol for this course, to this community for the support, to my angels for seeing to the details, and to myself for believing it could be. This is only the beginning!” —Cynra A.

Charlene manifested a comfortable, powerful healing process

Thank you for creating this, the content is powerfully effective. I knew that traditional counseling would not be effective for me personally. I'm very private with my emotions and often worry if my emotions are too much for others, making them uncomfortable.

I am able to do these sessions at my pace and in privacy. This is key for me. I can allow myself to process, feel, and say whatever I need to freely. The support received here from fellow members, your support angels, and you is such a comfort knowing I'm not alone in this process. I'm looking at the future with hope, joy, and freeness of self-acceptance and love. It feels AMAZING!!” —Charlene D.

It’s time for you to be a powerful creator.

Get started with your 14-day free trial

  • The entire Manifestation School

  • Remembering Wholeness 20th Anniversary Edition PDF

  • The Manifestation School Workbook PDF

  • 6 self-paced sections

  • 6 audio trainings

  • 12 clearing sessions, affirmation tracks, and daily scripts

  • 19 clearing session videos

  • Live encouragement in private member Facebook group

  • Access to everything in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

  • BONUS: 2 recorded coaching calls with Carol

Start manifesting now!

No charge until your free trial ends.
After your free trial, monthly membership is $69.

quote-red Created with Sketch. Carol Tuttle is right on target with this survival tool. She presents her thoughts in an upbeat, but incredibly practical way that is easy to understand. quote-red Created with Sketch.

—Carolyn Anderson

quote-red Created with Sketch. I have spent nearly a year in the Healing Center. I feel better physically, spiritually, and energetically than I have in several years. I have my energy back, I feel like doing the things around our place that I used to, and I feel motivated to tackle projects and actually follow through. I've been feeling like everything is great.

I think the Healing Center is so worthwhile and I'm very grateful for all the support from #Carol Tuttle, the #supportangels and all of the members here, over the past year. Thank you, everyone and healing energy to you all. quote-red Created with Sketch.

—Julie B.

It’s time for you to create the life you’re meant to live.

Get started with your 14-day free trial

  • The entire Manifestation School

  • Remembering Wholeness 20th Anniversary Edition PDF

  • The Manifestation School Workbook PDF

  • 6 self-paced sections

  • 6 audio trainings

  • 12 clearing sessions, affirmation tracks, and daily scripts

  • 19 clearing session videos

  • Live encouragement in private member Facebook group

  • Access to everything in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

  • BONUS: 2 recorded coaching calls with Carol

Start manifesting now!

No charge until your free trial ends.
After your free trial, monthly membership is $69.


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    Do I need to have the Remembering Wholeness book?

    Yes. This course is an immersive companion to the book. For that reason, a pdf of Remembering Wholeness is included, right in the course. If you want a hard copy that you can mark up, order here.

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    How is the Manifestation School different from the book, Remembering Wholeness?

    The book gives you the principles that dramatically changed my life. This course is an immersive experience in putting those principles into action. At the end of the 6 sections, you will have more mastery over creating your life than I had in the first 6 years of my personal journey.

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    How long does it take to complete the Manifestation School?

    The course is broken up into 6 sections. You can take them at your own pace. I recommend that you take between 4-6 weeks to complete it.

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    How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

    15-30 minutes a day of actually engaging with the material. That means reading the book, watching a video, or answering a journal prompt. As you do, you’ll find new thoughts and observations about every other part of your life. These practices and mindset shifts will start to become second nature, helping you create and maintain happiness, no matter what’s going on around you.

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    What if I find the Manifestation School is not for me?

    To get the course, you join the Carol Tuttle Healing Center with a 14-day free trial. I offer that so you have time to see whether or not the course is for you. If you do pay for a monthly membership and decide you don’t want it anymore, you can cancel any time. There is no contract or length of time that you have to be subscribed. Start your 14-day free trial to see how much this course can help you.