What is
Dressing Your Truth?

Dressing Your Truth is a guided, online
makeover program that brings together
a personal style for your unique Type of
beauty. It's a journey to greater confidence
in who you are. Let's take that journey
together. I can't wait to help you feel
truly beautiful, inside and out.


You've been told in ads and magazines that you're flawed and need to fix your features or yourself.
It's not true. Welcome to the only fashion system that tells you from the get-go: You're amazing as you are.
Get ready to live your life as the beautiful woman you've always been.


When you start Dressing Your Truth, you get access to an online course that guides you personally
toward a style that highlights the real you. All our videos, galleries, and the guide you'll get in the
mail are geared toward one thing: honoring the woman you are so you feel truly beautiful.

See why your so-called flaws
may actually be your strengths...

You are naturally beautiful—inside and out.
If you don't always feel that way, you just
need to know your unique Type of beauty,
which you can do with Carol Tuttle's online
Beauty Profiling course. Prepare to feel
validated and free to be yourself.

Enjoy makeover guidance
customized to you.

Your Dressing Your Truth Experience is customized to you, with expert demos, tutorials, and galleries all geared to your Type of beauty. They're available online so you can access them today, and then continue to love and refine your personal style for years to come. You'll see your true self in the mirror—and she's beautiful.

Personalized tutorials to create your unique style

The Dressing Your Truth online video training is the beginning of your transformation. You'll learn
all 5 elements of amazing style with personal, step-by-step makeover instruction that applies
to your wardrobe right now and gives you amazing, immediate results.

Bring your beauty to life with these 5 Elements

  • Design Line

    As you wear design lines that suit your type of beauty, you feel more comfortable in your clothes.

  • Texture

    When you discover which materials work best next to your skin, you enjoy your shopping experience more.

  • Fabrication

    Every time the movement of your clothes honors your natural beauty, you move through life with more ease.

  • Pattern

    As the shapes and contrast in your clothes express the true you, you easily express more confidence to others.

  • Color

    As you Dress Your Truth, you learn which color chroma highlights the twinkle in your eye and enlivens your face.

  • Enjoy every
    dressing room.

    The 5 Elements get you in touch with your beauty sixth sense, so you only own and shop for clothes you love and that beautifully express the true you.

  • Make makeup
    simple and fun.

    Makeup tutorials on color and application all align with the 5 Elements, showing you how easy it is to highlight your unique Type of beauty.

  • Have a good
    hair day every day.

    Applying the 5 Elements to your cut, color, and style (including what to tell your stylist), gives you easy-to- manage hair that honors your natural beauty.

  • Enjoy guidance in every aspect of style
    in your full Dressing Your Truth experience.

    Create a truly
    unique style.

    From jewelry to shoes to eyewear, watches, or scarves, you’ll see how the 5 Elements apply to them all, bringing your personal style together in every way.

  • HAIR

Go shopping
with a cheat sheet.

Meet the Style Guide. When you start Dressing Your Truth, you receive two of them in the mail (full and pocket-size) customized for your Type of beauty. On the front: a color tool that trains your eye while shopping. On the back: a quick guide to the 5 Elements in your Dressing Your Truth online course. Shopping’s going to be a snap.

4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait to Feel Amazing

On a budget?
We’re so glad.

With Dressing Your Truth, you won’t waste another dime on unworn clothes in the back of your closet. You’ll save more than the price of your makeover. Guaranteed.

Too busy to doll yourself
up every day? Good.

We’ll teach you killer hairstyles that take minutes, simple tricks for light-speed shopping, and eliminate mornings wasted in front of the closet with nothing to wear.

Feeling past your prime?
Perfect timing.

Our most dramatic makeovers take 10 to 20 years off a woman’s face. Skip the cream. In colors and lines that honor you, you’ll feel younger and look timelessly beautiful.

Waiting to slim down?
Your wait is over.

No matter your shape or size, Dressing Your Truth is a custom fit. You won’t worry about your weight. You’ll just wonder why you waited so long to feel this good.

Because knowing your Type of beauty is the essential first step of Dressing Your Truth, we are committed to providing the support you need to discover it. Your order today includes profiling resources, video galleries, a full profiling ebook, audio book, and more—all focused on helping you identify your Type of beauty and love your true self even more.

Uncertain about your Type? We’ve got you covered.

A Dressing Your Truth makeover includes all the resources and personalized support you
need to learn your unique Type of beauty and experience a transformation you love.

Receive support and
inspiration, every step of the way

A Dressing Your Truth makeover is a liberating lifestyle change, not just
a one-and-done experience. As you create your unique style, you’ll have
tools, inspiration, and helpful tutorials all along the journey—making the
experience fun, comfortable, practical and clear.

Inspiration that’s
picture perfect

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration. That’s why we’ve packed online galleries with hairstyle images, outfit ideas, wardrobe refashions, and eyewear photos—all hand-picked examples for your Type of beauty.

Ongoing support
that answers
your questions

As you develop your authentic style, we continue to support you with video tutorials, as well as regular events, all available for convenient viewing online.

You are not just outer beauty.
You are an amazing woman.

Yes, you’ll look amazing with Dressing Your Truth. But your experience will go beyond that. This system connects your outer look with your inner beauty so you authentically express the amazing woman you are. Your style becomes a daily process of affirming your true self, inside and out.

Join a community where
beauty’s a celebration, not a contest

In the Dressing Your Truth community, women see and celebrate the strengths of all 4 Types of beauty—without judgment, comparison, or feelings of inadequacy. When you Dress Your Truth, you make the world a more beautiful, supportive place to be.



Dressing Your Truth gives you great style and makes your life easier, every single day.
To support you in this experience, your order today includes two bonuses to bring you
effortless shopping trips and consistently great hair days.


Enjoy something beautiful
from our online store

Dressing Your Truth shows you how to find
the best items for you—in any store. We also
make shopping easier with an online selection
of products perfect for your Type of beauty.
When you start Dressing Your Truth today,
we'll add $10 store credit to your account so
you can pick something perfect right away.

$10 Store

Get perfect curls (or discover
curls you don’t know you have)

If you ever feel at odds with your curly, wavy, or frizzy hair, the Perfect Curly Hair Tutorial makes life easier. Our curly hair expert shows you how you can style amazing curls with little effort. Don’t have curls? If you have wave or frizz in your hair, you may find that you have more curl to fall in love with than you thought.

Try it for 60 days with zero risk

Dressing Your Truth will transform your style, honor your true beauty,
and bring out your best—inside and out. But if you find the system is
not for you, you can return it within 60 days, no questions asked.

  • Doesn’t work for you? Return it in 60 days
  • 100% refund, no questions asked
  • No risk for you to try it out today

Let’s bring out your true beauty right now.
It's time to start Dressing Your Truth.

Imagine greeting the world each day, feeling confident and
looking amazing. Have that experience with Dressing Your Truth,
the most supportive, intuitive personal style program around.

In today's order, you receive...

The Dressing Your Truth Program
  • 5 Elements course for your Type of beauty
  • 3 Makeover examples of real women
  • 2 personal Style Guides in the mail
  • Online hairstyle and wardrobe galleries
  • Regular online broadcast events
And the Energy Profiling System + bonuses
  • Support to love your Type of beauty
  • Access to Face Profiling videos
  • Confirm your Type video library
And Bonuses
  • $10 credit to Dressing Your Truth Store
  • Perfect Curly Hair Tutorials $69 value
    Normal Price $297
    Today's Discount 51% Off -$150
    Now Only $147
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