Healing Affirmation Cards

Focus your thoughts to allow healing

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Your thoughts lead to beliefs. Your beliefs influence your actions. And your thoughts, beliefs, and actions all affect your life. This deck of 45 beautiful affirmation cards will help you turn your thoughts toward the experience you want to create. Put them where you can see them—on your mirror or nightstand, in your car, or at your desk.  And then pay attention. Notice how these thoughts change your life from the inside out.

Size: 3.5" x 3.5"

Contains: 45 cards


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How to use
Affirmation cards are a simple but powerful tool to focus your thoughts and articulate intentions for your life. Try some of the following practices to see which feels the most supportive for you personally.

—Daily Draw

This is the practice of drawing a card in the morning to be your theme or mantra for the day. You can set up your daily draw in a variety of ways: Select a card that speaks to you. Or ask a question before you draw (“What would be supportive for my body to hear today?") and pull a card at random from the deck. Pay attention through the day to how that affirmation manifests for you.

—Daily Draw with Friend, Family, or Partner

You can make your affirmation experience even more potent by including other people. Draw a card in the morning with your family and then discuss the card in the evening, sharing your experiences with that affirmation during the day.

—Affirmation Energy Circle

An energy circle is a creation technique that helps you bring thoughts and feelings into your physical reality. Stand up. Then bend over and draw an imaginary circle around you on the ground with your hands. Imagine pushing the lines of the circles out, so, it becomes larger all around you.

Read an affirmation out loud, then throw the energy of it into the circle. You can put the actual card on the ground inside your circle. Then pull the energy of those statements up and around your body, as if you’re dressing yourself in it. Pat that feeling into your body from your feet to your head.

Throw your arms up into the air, as though you were throwing the energy into heaven. Then draw figure eights coming out from every part of your body, connecting you with what wants to show up. Gather the energy all up, bring it into your hands, place it into your heart, and thank the heavens for helping you create this experience.

—Family Energy Circle

This exercise can bring together a group to create a common experience. To do a group energy circle, have everyone stand in a circle, then bend over and draw their piece of the circle between them and the people on either side of them. Taking turns, each of you read an affirmation and throw its energy into the circle. Speaking intentions out loud together while moving your body will help you bring the energy into the physical realm.

—Meditation Mantra

Choose an affirmation to use while meditating. As you close your eyes and focus on your breathing, repeat the affirmation over and over again in your mind. This practice will keep distracting thoughts away and focus your thoughts on the experience you want to create.

—Use with the Carol Tuttle Healing Center

These affirmations were written personally by Carol Tuttle, master energy healer, and creator of The Healing Center. Drawing on her 30 years of experience, she has designed Healing Plans to transform your life for the better. Do the exercises in your chosen Healing Plan. Then put these affirmation cards in places where you will see them, to help reinforce the important shifts you are making.

There is not a wrong way to use this deck. How else can these cards support you? Follow your inspiration.