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After going through Style School, you'll be more confident about making style choices that reflect exactly who you are.

You just want to feel great & have a gorgeous style, but how?

Our fun, info-packed Lifestyle event will show you how to create a more current look using what's in style this year.

Clothes, hair, makeup, & jewelry—we’ve got you covered.

What to Look Forward To

  • 9/11/2023

    Fashion Advice From the Experts

    Brand new articles for every Type, with tips from the Experts on how to style the top current fashions.

  • 9/12/2023

    Style School Kickoff with Carol

    Let’s kick off the event together! Style School is all about YOU. You’ll be so inspired to participate every step of the way.

  • 9/12/2023

    New Release! Makeup Colors

    Seasonal, hand-selected colors for every Type. Plus, save BIG with your unlimited-use Style School discount code!

  • 9/13/2023

    4 new Makeup Videos

    Watch one or watch them all! The 4 Dressing Your Truth Experts show you how to tweak the makeup trends to make them correct for your Type.

  • 9/20/2023

    Style School Live with Carol

    Learn how to fine-tune your style and completely elevate your whole look—every day! Take notes as two women of every Type receive personalized advice from Carol!

  • 9/21/2023

    New Release! jewelry

    Check out the DYT Online Store today for brand-new pieces. (Psst! Your unlimited-use Style School discount code works for this too!)

  • 9/27/2023

    Live “Try-On Jewelry Event”

    Need a little jewelry inspiration? See it in action as the DYT Experts show off secondary styles just by swapping out jewelry.

4 Types Fashion Show

Let’s show off your style all week long! What did you learn from Style School? Get ready to post on your Type’s day:

  • 10/4/2023


  • 10/5/2023


  • 10/6/2023


  • 10/7/2023


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  • Do I need to be a Lifestyle member to participate?

    Yes! Style School is a brand-new experience designed just for our Lifestyle community. We love giving Lifestyle members the best treatment. From the lively and supportive Facebook group, to new videos and articles, to exclusive store discounts, Type confirmations, and premium StyleInspire shopping boards, Lifestyle is the place to be.

  • Is Style School included in Lifestyle, or do I have to purchase it in addition to Lifestyle?

    Style School is 100% included when you join Lifestyle! No extra cost.

  • Will I need to be on Facebook to participate?

    We offer a highly interactive, supportive, private Facebook group as part of your Lifestyle membership. While some events of Style School will be happening LIVE within the Facebook group (for example, the Grand Finale Fashion Show), everything will be available on our website afterward. So, the short answer is no—although you may still want to join us on Facebook to get the full experience and interact with everyone!

  • If I can't show up to the live events, will I be able to access them later?

    Absolutely. We never want you to miss anything. That’s why we'll record every live event during Style School and post it to our website afterward. If you’re in the Facebook group, we’ll post about it there too.

  • How long will I be able to access the content?

    For as long as you’re a Lifestyle member! The content doesn’t expire, and we won’t take it down.

  • Do I need to know my Energy Type (or Secondary) to participate?

    Nope! You’re invited no matter where you are on your DYT journey! But, if you don’t know your Type yet, this is the perfect time to join Lifestyle so you can participate in #TruthbombTuesday on September 5th. This is a Lifestyle event where Carol will tell you your Type! (For real.)