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How would it feel to cover
all your bills, save for later,
help others, and still have
plenty left for a family trip?

In just 30 days, you can be on that path—permanently.
Your first step is just saying, “Yes, I want it.” Start the 30-Day Money Cure


You know that feeling.

The tight feeling of worry or dread that hits your stomach.

If you’re like many people, you’ve felt it at least once in the last month.

Maybe you were in a checkout line, nervous about how much you were about to spend. Or paying bills, you felt a nagging worry you might not have enough (even if you have plenty).

Chronic worry about money releases stress hormones, tires you out, and puts your health at risk.

Plus, your worry actually blocks money (more on that in a second).

Money stress is real,
and it’s slowly killing you.

You’re not the only one. Most families (rich or not) stress about money sometimes. In the United States where I live:


Of adults have worried
about money in the
last four weeks.


Worry they won’t have
enough for retirement

Stress isn’t limited by income. Even 50% of millionaires
worry that one wrong financial move could ruin them.

I was stressed like that
—for years at a time.

I’m Carol Tuttle and in 1995, I was up to my eyeballs in debt. $45,000 in credit cards. No stable income.

And I can tell you, that stress and fear took a toll—on my marriage, on my health, and on my ability to be present for my four young children. Making money felt like a lot of hard work without much to show for it.

Anxious and depressed, I knew I couldn’t keep living that way.

And that’s when I made my discovery.

The problem wasn’t in my budget or paycheck or money management skills. The stress (and the solution!) went deeper than that.

I found that my energy system sent a signal out to the world—a mindset that money responded to. And my mindset was full of scarcity. In other words, I was energetically blocking money!


To attract more money into my life, I had to first
change the beliefs and perceptions I had.
Only then did I experience results.

I improved my relationship with money the way you build a friendship—one interaction at a time:

Every time I opened my wallet.

Every time I went to the store.

Every time money went into or out of my account.

When I discovered exactly what to do in those daily experiences, I attracted money to me. Debt resolved itself. And money flowed into my life to take care of my family and helped me pursue my dreams.

Once I mastered the basics of attracting money, the next level was even more beautiful.

I now have enough money to live on purpose. I never worry because I know money will be there to support me in doing what matters most to me.

That kind of abundance isn’t luck—it’s living in balance with money and believing that it will always be there to support you.

And I can show you how it’s done.

Start the 30-Day Money Cure

What took me 20+ years,
I’ll show you in 30 days.

I created the 30-Day Money Cure to help you…

  • Pay bills with money left over

    Ever buy something and then feel worried about how much you have left? Or felt your stomach clench when you check your account balance? That worry is energy that deflects money! I’ll help you attract plenty, so you can focus on what matters.

  • Attract money and save it

    I guarantee that you’ve put some sort of limitations on how much money is allowed to come to you. In other words, you’re telling money, “No.” Unless you shift your energy first, you’ll find it difficult to budget, save, or get ahead with typical financial advice. Let’s clear away your blocks.

  • Make meaningful memories with family

    For you, that might mean a family vacation. Or special experiences or lessons for your kids. Or putting your kids or grandkids through school. Whatever matters to you most, money is a tool that can give you options and make dreams easier to achieve.

  • Live in a home you love

    The space you live in daily has a huge effect on your well-being. From buying a home to improving on the one you’ve got, money makes more choices possible. I’ll give you tools to build a reality out of your daydreams.

  • Fulfill your purpose in the world

    One of my greatest joys is teaching people how easy (yes, easy!) it is to attract money by changing their financial energy and story. We’ll make money work for you so you can be free to follow your heart.


Is the 30-Day Money Cure for you?
Yes! Especially if one of these sounds like you…

I know what I
would do with
more money.


I want money
to come to me
while I’m doing
what I love.


I want to save
enough money for
later in life.

I want the
principles of
abundance to
become real in
my life.

You should also know
what this course is NOT.

This course is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme that promises you a million dollars and a red Ferrari by the end of the month. (Though if you want that, go ahead and manifest it!)

If you’re on this page, I believe you’re more conscious than that. You know that creating money isn’t just about buying more and more fancy stuff. The goal of this course is to help you attract abundant resources so you can actually think less about money and focus on your family, on your dreams, and on your LIFE.

Apply what I teach in this 4-week journey, and I guarantee that you will shift your experience of money from one of struggle to one of abundance that will last your entire life.

Register for the 30-Day Money Cure

What’s included in the 30-Day Money Cure?

This live course starts May 6th.

I will personally guide you through this 30-day online course. I’ll produce an audio training for you each week. I’ll host a live Q&A session to answer your questions. And I’ll actively participate in the private online group for students of this course. When you purchase this course I will support you through your 30-day experience. As your guide, I'll help you shift your energy to attract a constant flow of money into your life.


Clearing Your Energetic Money Blocks

I guarantee that you’re carrying around beliefs about money that hurt you in the long run. We’ll find and remove them. Picture the relief of pulling out a sliver.

  • Weekly audio training with Carol

  • Workbook Part 01:

    • Clearing Your Personal Money Blocks

    • Daily Script to Create Financial Abundance

  • Videos to Clear Your Money Blocks

    • How to Do Energy Tapping for Money

    • Clearing Your Limiting Beliefs and Energy Blocks With Money

    • Healing Session: Releasing Your Family Story & Getting Past the Wall of Debt

  • Live Coaching Q&A with Carol


Increasing Your Financial Upper Limit

Money struggles aren’t enjoyable, but they’re familiar—that’s why they stick around. After this week, you’ll see exciting financial options that you didn’t even think were possible for you before.

  • Weekly audio training with Carol

  • Workbook Part 02:

    • Expanding Your Vibrational Comfort Zone

    • Personal Energy Test

    • Reset Your Financial Set Point

  • Videos to Increase Your Financial Upper Limit

    • Clearing Psychological Reversals With Money

    • Healing Session: Curing Your Money Self-Sabotage When You Can Never Get Ahead

  • Live Coaching Q&A with Carol


Your Money Profile & Patterns That Block Money

There are 4 Types of people, and they relate to money in 4 unique ways. In this week, we cover all 4 Money Profiles to discover your secret money strengths (and challenges).

  • 4 personal audio trainings with Carol:

    • One for each of the 4 Money Profiles

  • Workbook Part 03:

    • The 4 Money Profiles

    • Discover Your Personal Money Strengths

  • Videos for Your Unique Money Profile

    • Type 1: How to Make Money Fun Without Overspending

    • Type 2: How to Speak Up & Stop Worrying About Every Penny

    • Type 3: How to Stop Feeling Stifled & Say "Yes" to More Money

    • Type 4: How to Create Balance Instead of Money Extremes

  • Live Coaching Q&A with Carol


Empowering You to Be a Money Magnet

In our last week together, we tap into the secret money strength of your Money Profile to increase your money flow and accumulation. You’ll also learn about Money Profile combinations to turn your challenges as a couple into strengths.

  • Weekly audio training with Carol

    • Money Magnet Affirmations for all 4 Money Profiles

  • Workbook Part 04:

    • Money Profile Couple Combinations: Strengths & Challenges

    • Discussion Questions for You and Your Partner

  • Couples and Money Healing Session Videos

    • When One Spouse Controls and the Other One Spends

    • How to Work Together When You're Financially Drowning

  • Live Coaching Q&A with Carol

Meet Your Money Profile

You attract money (and block it) in ways unique to you. In this course, you’ll discover what those ways are.

The 4 Money Profiles are based on my Energy Profiling system. In the 30-Day Money Cure, I’ll give you in-depth guidance for your Money Profile. Time to understand why you don’t always see eye to eye with others about finances.

Your Money Profile gives you unique insight into your money strengths and challenges.
And this information isn’t available anywhere else.
Start the 30-Day Money Cure

My personal support
from Day 1 to Day 30

  • Just knowing this info won’t get you where you want to go. Living it will.

    To make these principles part of your day-to-day, you need consistent support. I’ll be with you at every step.

  • 30 days of email support

    You'll get support in your inbox once every morning. The helpful emails you receive every day of this course include an affirmation and a small daily task to solidify your practice of financial abundance.

  • 4 live Coaching Q&As with me

    I’ll be online to talk every week, clearing up any places you get stuck. Send in your questions and join the live broadcast. We’ll work out the issues still showing up and get you cured.

  • Online support group

    As we go through each week, we’ll have stories, questions, and virtual high fives to share. I’ll be active in the online group, along with my support team, so you have all the access you need to succeed.

  • Yes, this is a LIVE course

    We'll practice principles of abundance together. (Can't follow live? You still get access to course materials as long as you sign up while registration's open.)

You can count on success.
Here’s what my past students have to say:

I believed money was
something I had to struggle
with my entire life.

I lived from paycheck to paycheck. I never understood how much I was creating my demise. Now that has all changed. I really trusted you and put it to the test and the results show for themselves. I have started my own business and am seeing more money flow and accumulate than I ever have in my life. Thank you for sharing this Carol.


“You have helped me clear many of my old beliefs and I can recognize many others. I am not the depressed withdrawn person any more and I am seeing good results with my husband as well.”


“I was unemployed, and severely depressed. I felt like a complete failure. Thanks to you I am back on my feet again, have a job I love that is perfect for me and have never been happier. I appreciate all I have learned and continue to learn from you.”


I used to allow money to rule
me, to have control,

and was stuck in a survival energy pattern. Carol's work empowered me to create a new script that completely transformed my relationship with money. This allowed me to shift into a higher frequency of service energy and gratitude, while creating a new experience where money is now working FOR me. Thank you, Carol!



52 Money Creation Games

Who said that manifesting money has to be a drag? (Hint: that’s actually a belief that keeps you stuck.)

I’ve created 52 energetic games that you can play as you go through your day and interact with money. They draw your attention to flowing and accumulating more money in your life each day.

  • Examples:

  • $100 Bill Game

  • Money Dance

  • The Joyful Giver

  • Passive Income Creator


Raising Financially
Abundant Children

I find great joy in seeing my children thrive financially at a young age. This bonus audio and workbook section help you teach your children what I have taught mine.

When one generation changes their energy with money, the generations that follow receive the new vibration, which makes creating financial abundance easier for them.

The Complete
Cure Guarantee

I’m certain that your 30-day experience will change your life (and your bank account). I’ll give you that amount of time to be as certain as I am. If you find this isn’t the course for you, return it in 30 days, no questions asked.


Sign up before registration closes.It’s time for you to have a
30-Day Money Cure

Join me for 4 inspiring weeks to become a powerful money magnet.

How would you like to register?

  • One Payment


    Make one payment and you’re in!
    When the 30-Day Money Cure begins
    on May 6th, you get 4 weeks of
    online training, an in-depth workbook,
    a community, and live Q&As to make
    your money dreams a reality.

  • or
  • Payment Plan

    $99 3 payments of $99
    (Total price $297)

    On a tighter budget? You can still
    get the 30-Day Money Cure and
    start making that budget bigger!

The Complete Cure Guarantee

I’m certain that your 30-day experience will change your life (and your bank account). I’ll give you that amount of time to be as certain as I am. If you find this isn’t the course for you, return it in 30 days, no questions asked.

More success from past students:

I believed that money
was hard to come by

That it was humility to be poor. I also believed that I was the exception to the rule of being able to have financial freedom. Now I am enjoying the benefits of having a healthy relationship with money. It is always there to support me and my family never feels deprived. I see now that money is a resource, and like anything else, if used and cared for wisely it will grow and expand and meet your needs and wants.


“Before studying Carol's teachings, I had a problem with my "deserve level” — that is, I had problems believing I deserved money and an affluent life. Carol's easy to understand principles taught me that it flowed either away from or to me based on what I thought and spoke about it. Once I understood that, I was able to change my thinking and words to reflect abundance and not scarcity. Since doing this, I have experienced money coming to me out of the blue right when I needed it!”

—Tracy L.


I started a new business last year and it did not do as well as expected which has left us with credit card debt. As I was doing the figure eight [in Carol’s video], bringing in money and giving it out, I really believed it was possible. Later that day my husband came home and said, “The stock market went way up today and I was able to sell some stock”. The amount far exceeded what I ever could have imagined. Thank you for teaching me this exercise. I am now a true believer.

—Mary S.

What’s stopping you?


I’m too busy.

Excellent. That means you’ve got a lot going on—and a lot of places to practice what you’ll learn in this course. You can listen to the audios on the go. The live Q&As happen once a week. And the time you spend in the course workbook is relatively short (and so enlightening!) What gets you results is implementing what I teach in your busy life.


I can’t afford it

Please let me stop you right there. Cut that phrase from your vocabulary—forever. It keeps you energetically stuck. Consider saying, “I can afford to believe in it, and I am allowing the money to show up for me.” If your priority is this course, I know the means can show up for you! (That tip’s on me.)


It won’t work for me.

We’re conditioned to experience money as a difficult struggle! But in this course, we’re not making something “work.” Together, we’ll play and practice to get these principles of abundance into your life. Amazing things will show up!


  • Registration is only open for two weeks. When will you offer this course again?

    Not soon. One of the big advantages I’m offering in this course is my live, personal support. I’ve set aside four weeks to give that to you, but I’ll be working on other projects after that. If you’re considering this course, now is the right time to register and permanently cure your money issues. Sign up soon!

  • But what if I don’t have time right now to follow along live?

    If you don’t have time to benefit from my live support when the course begins, you still have continued access to all course materials. That means you can revisit any part of the course that supports you at any time. (But only if you register now! After the course begins, course materials will not be available for purchase.)

  • Will The 30-Day Money Cure really work? Don’t I just need a raise or a budget?

    Your experience with money is determined by your energy, beliefs, and feelings about money—your energy or vibration. Unless you are living in an affluent vibration, you can try other tactics, but they won’t stick, even if you make a lot of money. (Some people who make six figures never seem to have any money.) This 30-day process will you get you in an affluent energy so you attract money naturally and other tactics become effective.

  • What if I can’t afford this course?

    Consider the possibility that this course is an investment that will pay itself off in the long run. Imagine what you might spend $279 on over the next three months. Even small and supposedly cheap things add up (a $12 pair of shoes here, a chocolate bar there). Make an investment in yourself and in the life you’ve always wanted to have.