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Created with Sketch. I use to binge watch Netflix. Now I binge watch Lifestyle videos, lol.
At least when the Lifestyle binge is over I don't feel like I wasted my
time or get self critical, like I did with Netflix.
LOVE lifestyle!

—Heather R

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Created with Sketch. Lifestyle content has been the biggest factor in helping me find “me”!

—Colleen, Type 3
—Colleen, Type 3

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The Dressing Your Truth Experts select amazing clothing, accessories, and other products, all true to your Type, from a variety of online stores. Twice a week, we share a board of those items with direct links, which makes your shopping experience so, so easy.

  • I really appreciate Style Inspire! It really eliminates a lot of the mental energy it takes to shop, and saves me time—which I appreciate as a busy mom!

    —Andrea, Type 2
  • Can I just say I love Style Inspire so much! My dream wardrobe was displayed this week!

    —Kyle, Type 4

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  • Lifestyle has been so great… I just love that it’s always there and that I can keep learning every day through the content that you put out. The free shipping’s awesome if I find something I like in your store. And then the private Facebook group is really great. That’s what I love about Lifestyle. It’s a beautiful sisterhood and it’s positive—and I need as much positive as I can get in this world at this point.”

    —Anna, Type 2
  • Before I knew about Dressing Your Truth, I remember seeing a person wearing bold pink and yellow together and thinking, “I love that! I wish I could do that!” I don’t know why I didn’t think I could wear what I was drawn to naturally, but I don’t think that anymore! Dressing my truth has helped me know that I can wear what I always wished I could.”

    —Megan, Type 4

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  • Why do I need Lifestyle when you have so much free content on your site?

    We do offer a lot for free! But so many women love how Dressing Your Truth changes their lives that they want even more. If you could use support to understand your Type better, and shortcuts to your most amazing personal style, sign up. Your monthly membership makes it possible for us to create all the ongoing resources that Lifestyle offers you.

  • What’s the difference between Lifestyle and the Beginner’s Guide?

    The Beginner’s Guide gives you all the basics you need to start Dressing Your Truth. You learn about all 4 Types of beauty, and how to highlight your Type of beauty in your clothes, accessories, makeup, and hair style. It’s an amazing start, but it really is just the beginning.

    Lifestyle Membership is the next step in understanding yourself and creating a personal style. This ongoing subscription gives you in-depth insight into your Type and personalized support to shop, dress, and live your truth. Members also get discounts and unlimited free U.S. shipping.

    We recommend that you watch the Beginner’s Guide first (it’s free!) and then join Lifestyle as soon as you can. You’re beautiful and we’re excited to help you feel that way every day.

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    You will be billed the same day of the month that you join Lifestyle. For example, if you subscribe to your Lifestyle membership on the 12th of this month, your next monthly payment will be charged to your card on the 12th of next month, as well.

  • Is there a payment plan available for the annual membership?

    Thank you for wanting to be a Lifestyle member all year! At the moment, there is no extended plan option for annual membership, just a one-time yearly payment. If you choose not to subscribe annually right now, you are welcome to subscribe monthly and upgrade when you’re ready.

  • Can I cancel if I find Lifestyle membership isn’t right for me?

    Absolutely. You may cancel at any time. Your Lifestyle subscription is located clearly in your account area, where you can manage your membership status easily.

  • What will I love most about being a Lifestyle member?

    That depends on who you are! Here’s what a few members have to say about their Lifestyle membership:

    “I was hesitant at first to try Lifestyle, but I am so glad that I did! It is very helpful, practical, and instructive, and I feel like it is easier and more fun for me to dress my truth. I love it!” —Ashley S, Type 4

    “I really can't put into words how much this has helped me. I am so much more confident in who I am and my relationships with those around me are better because I understand myself and them more fully. Thank you so much for all of your time and energy in putting all of this together! I love it!” —Sally B. Type 2

    “I feel supported rather than talked down to. Like a friend showing me how she does it instead of some airbrushed model that I don't believe! This makes me happy to be a woman, feeling friendship and sharing, rather than competition and judgement. Thank you for an amazing community and great mentors.” —Lesley D, Type 2

    “Thank you for creating the Lifestyle experience! It is the most wholesome and comprehensive lifestyle guide in existence. I'm so glad I joined!” —Angie N, Type 2

    “Lifestyle is such a positive upbeat site. I always feel encouraged and motivated after spending time there.” —Mary D, Type 2

    “I had been lost at sea. DYT Lifestyle has become a lighthouse.” —Mariah S., Type 3