Carol Tuttle’s 4-Week

Weight Loss Cure

Release the emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that keep you from losing weight

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  • 28 Days of
    Healing Movement

    Short, daily movement videos you’ll do right along with me. Low-impact and easy! Moving is healing the body.

  • Uncover your
    hidden patterns

    Powerful healing sessions help you reset your experience with weight and food—so you stop overeating and missing your goals.

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"Why can’t I lose weight?"

It’s not like you haven’t tried. You’ve set goals, tried new eating plans. You exercise and try to eat healthier, but the pounds stay put. Or even if you lose weight, your willpower fails and you gain it back.

Good news! Effective weight loss is not actually about food, exercise, or even willpower.

Living at your ideal weight is deeper and simpler than that. I can help you get there.

I know what the
weight struggle is like.

At 15 years old, I wanted to lose weight. Every morning, I starved myself until noon, lost my willpower, and binged all afternoon. Every day, the process repeated.

In high school and college, I was 30 pounds overweight. But I felt like I was a 100 pounds overwieght, and I felt disgusted every time I looked in the mirror. I went from one weight loss program to the next, feeling like a failure, hating how my clothes fit, and obsessing over what to eat.

It was a deep, emotional struggle. So no diet or exercise plan could end it.

Over the years, I became a gifted healer in many areas. But I still wrestled with extra pounds and body shame over decades. I applied my energy healing training to my own weight and food experience. By uncovering and healing painful emotional patterns over time, I finally stopped the never-ending cycle of failure.

In the last decade, I’ve lived finally free of extra weight or fear of gaining it back.

Now I’m 66 years old and healthier than ever.

I love my body. I live at a healthy weight without effort. My appetite and body’s needs determine what I eat—not my emotions. It’s an amazing experience and I want it for you.

I finally figured out how to heal the deep patterns that hold onto weight.

The plan I followed, I’m now offering to you. It’s a simple 4-week experience that gives you the techniques I personally used to free my body to lose the extra weight. I now love my body and the way I look.

I invite you to experience my
4-week Weight Loss Cure

Here’s how to know if it’s right for you

  • You Are Experiencing:

    Inability to let go of excess weight

    A negative opinion about your body

    Anxiety or fear about gaining weight

    Weight loss, followed by gaining it back

  • You Want To:

    Let go of excess weight more easily

    Enjoy a positive body image

    Be at your healthiest weight

    Maintain healthy eating and fitness habits

What’s included?

You get access to this 4-week course when you join The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Your free trial and membership give you instant access to all pre-recorded healing video sessions, audio tracks, and content in this plan.

You also get live support through our online community and my coaching call broadcasts.

Brand New for 2024:
28 Days of Healing Movement

You will have access to all new movement videos, one for each day of the course. Join me every day as I guide you through 5 minutes of simple movement, where you will be reinforcing everything you’re learning in the course.

  • 5-minute videos that leave you feeling refreshed

  • Easy enough to do in your living room

  • Clear your blocks to weight loss

  • Have fun along the way!

Week 1: Claim your own energy

You won’t be able to maintain healthy habits until you uncover hidden emotional patterns. The healing sessions in Week 1 help you connect with your own needs and energy, so you can access your body’s intuition.

  • Get rid of daily self-sabotage

  • Release patterns that keep you overweight

  • Stop food cravings in their tracks

  • Let go of unnecessary emotional weight

  • Heal old patterns that started in childhood

Your body holds onto weight for hidden emotional reasons. For example, taking on other people’s energy can stress you out and provoke emotional eating cycles. Watch example session from Week 1

Week 2: Releasing old stories

Weight and food issues run deep. Until you clean up old energy and emotion, you will sabotage yourself every time. Week 2’s sessions help you successfully let go of old fears you didn’t realize you were carrying.

  • Create new daily patterns for a healthy body

  • Overcome the real reason your willpower fails

  • Heal the emotional needs connected to food

  • Get unstuck to finally experience success

Week 3: Forming new, healthy patterns

You may have taken on an identity that is connected to weight. Week 3 frees up your body so it desires movement, fitness, and healthy eating. You will feel clear, vibrant, and inspired after these sessions.

  • Make weight loss progress daily

  • Free your body from the weight it’s carrying

  • Feel authentic motivation to exercise

  • Get rid of painful beliefs that keep you stuck

  • Feel newfound freedom to love your body

Week 4: Setting up for permanent success

Creating a fit and healthy body is a daily practice—not a one-time event. Week 4 helps you heal deep patterns so you can succeed every day. The daily techniques give you successful tools to keep using after you finish.

  • Finish with techniques you can use forever

  • Experience lasting emotional breakthroughs

  • Let go of negative body image for good

  • Eliminate patterns that have sabotaged you

  • Know how to trust your body’s unique intuition

Your healthier body is the
start of a happier life

You get my 4-week Weight Loss Cure by joining The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

You’ll get full access to all 16 courses (including The Weight Loss Cure), as well as 190+ individual healing sessions you can access any time of day or night.

You sit with me like my personal client and I guide you through the process of healing your life.

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  • 4-week Weight Loss Cure
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Results from Healing Center members

“I felt a big shift in what I am noticing about how my body feels when I eat or drink certain things. For example, soda is a big challenge for me, and I noticed that I am both not drinking it as often and not nearly as much of it when I do…I love my body and feel good about where I am.”

Noelle P.

Weight Loss week 3, all of a sudden I have realized that I’ve used food all these years to stifle my energy and creativity… Obsessing over food has given me a way to use my extra energy without putting myself out there and possibly being criticized…I am starting to live authentically as myself for the first time.

Amanda F.

I love the Healing Center. I’ve been doing the Weight Loss course like many others. The first time I did the clearing on food cravings, I bawled. I didn’t realize I had so much emotion tied to my eating habits. Then when I was doing the affirmations about not needing the weight to protect me anymore, I realized why I started putting on weight… I love that I can clear these emotions and let go of the extra weight that has been protecting me for the last 11 years.

Krisan M.

This is the plan I personally followed

Want to heal your weight issues? I am confident that my 4-Week Weight Loss Cure is the best method out there to heal what keeps you from losing weight.

I know it can help you finally lose extra weight and feel amazing in your body.

I’m so certain that this course will help you that I’ll give you 30 days to feel sure. If you find your Healing Center membership isn’t for you, you may cancel easily any time.

It’s time to lose the stubborn weight—
this time, without frustration,
deprivation, or gaining it back

Join The Healing Center today and get:

  • Brand New for 2024:
    28 Days of Healing Movement Videos

  • Daily healing techniques to reset your relationship with food

  • 4 weeks of healing sessions to release the energy of extra weight

  • Live encouragement in private member Facebook group

  • Access to all Courses in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

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  • How much weight will I lose with this course?

    This course is unlike anything you've experienced because it is not focused on weighing or measuring. It focuses first on what blocks you from losing weight on a deep level—whether that's just a few pounds or several sizes. Focus on healing the energetic source of the extra weight and you'll experience weight loss. We guarantee that the experience will feel freeing.

    Here’s what one Healing Center member experienced:

    “I love the weight loss course. I went sugar free and low carb in June. I did the weight loss course in September and I started to drop weight faster than I ever have. I also was able to look in the mirror and say I was beautiful. I have never been able to do that.”

    —Tanya R.

  • Does this course include eating advice, specific recipes, or dietary restrictions?

    This is a course—not an eating course. So no, you will not find any recipes or meal courses in this experience. Every body has unique nutritional needs to reach optimal health. As you move through the healing techniques in this course, you will find yourself better able to listen to your body’s own needs, without the interference of anxiety, stress, or emotion.

  • Do I have to exercise to do this course?

    This 4-week course includes NEW content: 28 Days of Healing Movement. These brand-new videos will be 5 minutes in length, and each one will be different from the day before. We won’t be doing a "workout," but rather we will be moving our bodies as we reinforce what we are learning and healing. Spoiler: There IS a session in the course that will help you heal your resistance to exercise. You may be pleasantly surprised by your body's response to it.

  • Can I buy the Weight Loss Cure independent of The Healing Center?

    This weight loss experience is part of The Healing Center and can only be purchased with a Healing Center subscription. The healing process is personal and I want you to have access to every healing resource I've created. That way, you can use all of them without worrying about extra cost.

  • Can I buy the course outright, or do I have to subscribe?

    I offer you a 14-day free trial so you can make sure The Healing Center is right for you. Once your trial ends, your subscription begins, giving you continued access to the full library of resources, including new sessions every time I add them. Your subscription also gives you access to a vibrant Facebook group where I respond to individual questions in real time. You can cancel any time.

  • Do I have to be a member of Facebook to participate?

    No, you do not. We do offer a highly active, supportive group on Facebook as part of your subscription. But several Healing Center members who choose not to interact on Facebook still find their membership to The Healing Center to be powerful without it.

Lose weight and love your body with my
help —and the course I personally used to get healthy

Start your 14-day free trial
  • No charge until your free trial ends.
  • After your free trial, monthly membership is $69.
  • Easy to cancel online (no need to call in).