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Living Your Life Purpose

In just 3 weeks, connect deeply with how you are meant to move forward in your life.

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  • Get rooted again

    This past year collectively uprooted us. Now we’re asking: What’s next? This course helps you find your path with intention and clarity.

  • Find your direction

    Powerful healing video sessions help you connect to your life path and inner voice. Come into alignment with your soul.

  • Get personal support

    The private Facebook group gives you my live coaching calls, personal help, responsive support team, and community.

You’ve been uprooted

This past year uprooted us collectively. It made us question what we’re doing and what we’re supposed to be about.

How are you meant to move forward in your life?

What are you meant to pursue—today and in the future?

Who are you meant to be?

It’s actually an amazing opportunity to really connect with your life path, but without conscious intention, you will flounder.


That’s why I’m
guiding this course now.

This summer, I had decided to guide my Healing Center community through one of my courses. But recently, I felt very strongly that I needed to pick a different course. The thought came:

“You need to do the Course for Living Your Life Purpose.”

In 2020, we shifted very quickly into a new experience. And now, just over a year later, as things shift again, we’re collectively asking: Now what?

This time after being uprooted offers you an incredible opportunity. You have the chance to get deeply rooted in what you’re on this earth to do.

It’s worth it to do this kind of healing work. I wake up in the morning feeling energized. I do what’s correct for me—not what’s expected of me. I have the experiences that are correct for me and I help others as I do. I want that for you!

If you want to connect to your life's path, here's how...

The 3-Week Course for
Living Your Life Purpose

Here’s how to know if it’s right for you

  • You Are Experiencing:

    Uncertainty, stress, and feeling stuck

    Confusion about what your true calling is

    Frustration from all the obstacles in your way

    Disconnection from your spiritual support

  • You Want To:

    Move forward with a calm knowing

    Gain confidence in your own soul purpose

    Experience your life without roadblocks

    Feel supported and divinely guided

What’s in the Course for
Living Your Life Purpose?

You get access to this 3-week course when you join The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Your free trial and membership give you instant access to all pre-recorded healing video sessions, audio tracks, and content in this course. You also get live support through our online community and my regular coaching call broadcasts.

Week 1: Reclaim your authority

You can’t recognize your intuition when you’re blocked or afraid. The healing sessions in Week 1 help you release resistance to easily move forward in life. You’ll clear interferences and connect energetically to your life path.

  • Clear away deep blocks and fears

  • Begin each day with powerful intention

  • Feel free to move forward in your life

  • Energetically connect with your life path

You may not even be aware of the ways you’re resisting or blocking your greater purpose. Each session is designed to help you with that. See how clear and vibrant you feel after watching this example session from Week 1.

Week 2: Get on the right path

To live your life’s purpose, you need to take inspired action and move forward. That’s it! Living your purpose isn’t grandiose—it’s just doing what’s correct for you daily. Week 2’s sessions help you energetically activate a path to move forward on.

  • Connect with your own inner guidance

  • Remove the fear of starting something new

  • Experience your own powerful intuition

  • Learn an easy way to find your life path

Week 3: Follow your soul’s call

Your soul knows your purpose. Week 3 helps you connect with your inner guidance. Do that and you will manifest opportunities and receive inspiration that is timely and correct for you.

  • Feel a greater sense of intuitive self-trust

  • Recover from trauma that keeps you stuck

  • Tap into your purpose that your soul knows

  • Stop questioning yourself and hear your inner voice

How do you get access to this 3-week course?

You get the Course for Living Your Life Purpose when you join The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

The Healing Center is an online collection of my best healing work. You get full access to 16 Guided Courses (including life purpose), as well as 190+ individual healing sessions you can access any time of day or night.

You sit with me like my personal client and I guide you through the process of healing your life.

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Circle Created with Sketch. 3 Week Life Purpose Course + 15 additional courses + 190+ healing sessions INCLUDES:

Results from Healing Center members

“Starting my day doing the Healing Center work has changed my life! I went from living with constant anxiety and fear to anxiety and fear no longer being a part of my experience. It’s almost magical.”

—Amanda F

“I am so grateful for The Healing Center. I have been opened up emotionally because of the resources available there!”

—Jeniece M

“I’ve just signed up for another year. Very simple layout as mentioned above and I’m really enjoying peeling back the layers to a more authentic happier me.

—Judy M

I live my purpose. I’ll help you find yours.

I am confident that I can help you connect with your intuition and find direction in your life.

I’m so certain that this course will help you that I give you two full weeks to try it out for free. If you find it's not for you, you may cancel easily online any time.

It’s time to know your life purpose—and to live it every single day.

Your 14-day free trial includes:

  • Daily energy exercises to connect to your own inner guidance

  • 3 weeks of healing sessions to clear blocks from your life path

  • Live Q&A broadcasts to answer questions and help you succeed

  • Access to all Courses in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

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  • After your free trial, monthly membership is $69.
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  • Will this course help me discover which business or career I should choose?

    It's quite possible that you will experience breakthroughs in which career choices to make next. However, we will not talk about business specifically. This 3-week course focuses on clearing away whatever blocks your intuition. I will walk you through healing practices that clear up your energy so you can better trust yourself and move forward. In addition to your career, this new-found confidence in your intuition will bless every part of your life.

  • Can I buy the Life Purpose Course independent of The Healing Center?

    This Life Purpose course is part of The Healing Center and can only be purchased with a Healing Center subscription. The healing process is personal and I want you to have access to every healing resource I've created. That way, you can use all of them without worrying about extra cost.

  • Can I buy the course outright, or do I have to subscribe?

    I offer you a 14-day free trial so you can make sure The Healing Center is right for you. Once your trial ends, your subscription begins, giving you continued access to the full library of resources, including new sessions every time I add them. Your subscription also gives you access to a vibrant Facebook group where I respond to individual questions in real time. You can cancel any time.

  • Do I have to be a member of Facebook to participate?

    No, you do not. We do offer a highly active, supportive group on Facebook as part of your subscription. But several Healing Center members who choose not to interact on Facebook still find their membership to The Healing Center to be powerful without it.