Carol Tuttle’s Course for

Disease, Illness & Pain

In just 3 weeks, heal emotions and beliefs that free up your physical body to heal.

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  • Release the pain

    Living with illness doesn’t have to be your norm. Let me help you tap into your body’s natural ability to regenerate and heal.

  • Feel more vibrant

    Powerful healing video sessions help you step into a new state of being. You will feel more open and able to create physical well-being.

  • Receive personal support

    The private Facebook group gives you access to my coaching calls, personal help, responsive support team, and community.

You know what a toll it takes…

Illness affects so much more than your physical body. It drains your time, your money, your mental well-being. If you’ve had to deal with disease, you know how trapped and tired it can make you feel. At some point, you wonder if you’ll ever get relief.

In my 3 decades of healing work, I have found that physical imbalance is always connected to a deeper issue. Heal that issue and you free up your body to restore itself.

I’ve done it myself—and I can show you how.

I’ve personally felt defeated
and exhausted by chronic pain

In my 50s, I started to experience sharp, debilitating pain in my feet. My father had suffered with the same chronic problem, and he actually died without ever experiencing relief. I knew that I needed to believe healing was possible—otherwise, I would live with a painful condition for the rest of my life.

As I did my own deep healing work, I discovered the energetic patterns from my childhood that contributed to this physical imbalance. With this discovery, I was able to clear old energy and see a huge improvement in my foot health.

I know how draining and discouraging it is to live with health problems.

And I want you to know that healing is possible!

One of the most powerful (and favorite) courses I offer is the Course for Disease, Illness & Pain. If you have a health issue, you will benefit from going through this course with me. I will help you free up your body to restore and regenerate itself.

You can feel so much better in just 3 weeks.

The 3-Week Course for
Disease, Illness & Pain

Here’s how to know if it’s right for you

  • You Are Experiencing:

    Physical issues that slow you down

    Discouragement about your health

    Chronic pain or illness

    Frustration about physical limitations

  • You Want To:

    Heal an illness or disease

    Feel positive about your physical health

    Live with increased energy and vitality

    Enjoy freedom to move and live

What’s in the Course for
Disease, Illness & Pain?

You get access to this 3-week course with a free trial to The Carol Tuttle Healing Center.

Your free trial lasts 14 days, so you’ll have time to move through two full weeks of the course before your monthly membership begins. After you’ve completed the course, you’ll have the rest of the month to explore all the healing sessions available to you.

Daily supportive techniques

I’ve seen over and over that physical imbalance is fed by a deeper emotional or energetic issue. The daily healing techniques in this course help reset your energy in just a few minutes a day.

Week 1: Remove your healing blocks

In my 3 decades as an energy healer and life coach, I’ve seen how often deep beliefs and repressed emotions keep us sick. The 4 video sessions in Week 1 help you clear the blocks to open up your body’s healing potential.

  • Help your body let go of resistance

  • Let go of fear that you will never heal

  • Release generational patterns of pain

  • Support your body in relaxing into healing

Ever wonder which repressed emotions keep your body from making headway? This course starts with the most common and goes deeper from there.

Watch this example session from Week 1

Week 2: Heal the root issue

Until you clean up the energy in your mental and emotional fields, healing in your physical body will take longer. Week 2’s sessions help you remove those interferences so your body can heal itself more quickly and easily.

  • Open up your body’s healing potential

  • Be free of subconscious

  • Clear the earliest pattern of your illness

  • Release unhealed, unexpressed anger

Week 3: Claim a healthy identity

Whether we want them to or not, chronic health issues can become part of our identity. To help you step into greater health, I’ll guide you through techniques that create the vitality you want to experience.

  • Establish vitality as your normal state

  • Release regret for being sick or in pain

  • Step into a new identity of health

  • Manifest a healthy body in a relaxing way

Bonus Content:

This course includes added support to make your experience even more freeing and powerful.

  • Clearing to End Your Battle With Pain

  • How and When to Do Energy Testing On Yourself

  • My personal recommendations of therapeutic gemstones, healing bowls, and oils

How do you get access to this 3-week course?

You get my Course for Disease, Illness & Pain by joining The Healing Center—which you can do with a free trial.

The Healing Center is an online collection of my best healing work. You get full access to 16 Guided Courses (including this one), as well as 190+ individual healing sessions you can access any time of day or night.

You sit with me like my personal client and I guide you through the process of healing your life.

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Circle Created with Sketch. 3 Week Course for Disease & Pain + 15 additional Courses + 190+ healing sessions INCLUDES:

Results from Healing Center members

I have spent nearly a year in the Healing Center. I feel better physically, spiritually and energetically than I have in several years. I have my energy back. I feel like doing the things around our place that I used to. I feel motivated to tackle projects and actually follow through. I've been feeling like everything is great.

Julie B

Since the Disease and Illness Course… I began thinking of myself as whole and healed. Ever since I incurred a traumatic brain injury nearly seven years ago, I’ve done so much to learn to function again. I now see it in the rearview mirror, and not as a current condition. Seeing myself as healed is encouraging more goodness into my life.

Kristen S

You can feel better. I promise.

I’m so confident that this course can help you that I give you two full weeks to try it out for free. If you find Healing Center membership isn’t for you, you may cancel easily online at any time.

It’s time to free up your body for healing— and feel better for the rest of your life

Join The Healing Center today and get:

  • Daily energy exercises to create an experience of greater health

  • 3 weeks of sessions to release old patterns that keep you sick

  • Live encouragement in private member Facebook group

  • Access to all Courses in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

  • BONUS: Member discount on Mastering Affluence and all Carol Tuttle Healing Oils

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  • Will this course heal my autoimmune disease / back pain / injury / etc?

    This course teaches you tools to release the deeper beliefs and repressed emotions that contribute to and aggravate physical issues. The techniques retrain your mind and body, which supports your body’s natural ability to heal and revitalize itself. This course does not treat medical diagnoses directly, but it does give you tools to eliminate the blocks that keep you sick.

  • Can I just buy the Disease, Illness & Pain Course independent of The Healing Center?

    This Disease, Illness & Pain Course is part of The Healing Center and can only be accessed with a free trial or Healing Center subscription. The healing process is personal and I want you to have access to every healing resource I've created. That way, you can use all of them without worrying about extra cost.

  • Can I buy the course outright or do I have to subscribe?

    I offer you a 14-day free trial so you can make sure that The Healing Center is right for you. Once your trial ends, your subscription begins, giving you continued access to the full library of resources, including new sessions every time I add them. Your subscription also gives you access to a vibrant Facebook group where I respond to individual questions in real time. You can cancel any time.

  • Do I have to be a member of Facebook to participate?

    No, you do not. We do offer a highly active, supportive group on Facebook as part of your subscription. But several Healing Center members who choose not to interact on Facebook still find their membership to The Healing Center to be powerful without it.