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You know what keeps you stuck. You face it every day.

Maybe your relationship is suffering. Or you fail again and again to eat healthy and your weight feels like a wall. Old patterns from childhood keep you feeling anxious or unworthy. Or you sabotage your goals because you fear failure—or success.

Whatever it is, your block sucks up your time, takes a toll on your health, and keeps you from offering your gifts to the world.

Staying stuck is wasting your life

You're not the only one. People all around you are stuck and they can stay that way for years.

An estimated 70% of people regularly feel like they're "not good enough"

Only 8% of people reach goals they set

97% of people who lose weight gain it back within 3 years

If you don't take charge of your own healing, you'll stay stuck, sad, or in pain for the rest of your life. You know that. That's why you're here. And I'm here to help.

I've been stuck before, too.

I'm Carol Tuttle and I've lived through some agonizing lessons. In my life, I have healed my experience of…

  • deep depression and self-doubt
  • crippling debt
  • a turbulent marriage
  • effects of childhood trauma

As I took charge of my own healing, I discovered my gift to read energy. As I facilitated healing for people worldwide, I came to deeply understand the root patterns that keep people stuck. I honed my empathic abilities to become a gifted healer, so I can share those gifts with you.

I'm here to help you get unstuck and truly heal

When you heal completely, life looks amazing. In my case, I now speak kindly to myself without effort. I live vividly in the present. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been, I have plenty of money to pursue my calling, and my marriage is rock solid.

That kind of life doesn't happen just by luck. It happens through a simple process of consistent healing.

I created The Healing Center to help you have that life.

Here’s how I help you in The Healing Center

  • See your block

    What keeps you stuck? Stress? Anxiety? Stubborn weight? I've created healing sessions for every common issue and organized them clearly by category and name. Help is easy to find.

  • Follow clear steps

    Each healing session video with me is 5-12 minutes. I'll take you through simple, life-shifting healing techniques that anyone can do. Press play, following along, and enjoy amazing results.

  • Have more joy

    The thousands of clients I've helped are living proof that you can have dramatic, life-altering healing that lasts. I guide you through steps that fit your life, no matter what comes your way.

Start healing now

I created The Carol Tuttle Healing Center to help you…

  • Stop wondering if you're good enough

    You know in your head that you're enough—but what if you don't feel it deep inside? I'll help you release your blocks so you can fully, finally, confidently be yourself.

  • Heal from painful childhood issues or abuse

    Old emotional energy and family dynamics can keep you stuck in loops. Let's get to the heart of your childhood pain and heal it, so you're free to live in the now.

  • Let go of physical or financial issues that plague you

    Fatigue, pain, debt—physical and financial issues tend to go on and on, affecting all areas of life. It's time to heal the energy around your chronic struggles and let them go.

  • Connect with your life purpose

    Sometimes life's biggest challenge is just knowing what to do. As you heal, you'll get clearer on what you want and what your purpose is.

I truly cannot believe the difference. Carol, I can't even tell you how my life has changed these past three weeks. I thought I might never feel this way again. I'm in awe and filled with complete gratitude.

Maggie M.
Is The Healing Center for you?

Yes! Especially if one of these sounds like you…

  • I'm ready for the joyful life that calls to me.
  • I want to love myself, my body, and my life.
  • I want clarity about the next correct step for me.
  • I want to be free from what keeps holding me back.
  • I know that if my blocks were healed, I could do so much good.
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You should also know what the Healing Center is NOT:

The Healing Center is not a band-aid, a quick fix, or a pill to pop.

Yes, energy healing is effortless in the moment, but making it last takes internal commitment and practice over time.

I created The Healing Center so that you can experience powerful healing that lasts. The videos are short and the steps are easy—but you'll only get lasting results if you commit.

If you're here on this page, I believe you're committed to turning your life right-side up. You have what it takes to clear your blocks, heal your issues, and step into the life that calls to you.

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I've put in countless hours and dollars into counseling and self help books to address anxiety and depression. Mindfully working through these exercises helped me feel hopeful and joyful and peaceful.

Jane O.

What's included in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center?

Individual Healing Sessions

I help you get to the root of your most painful issues.

In The Healing Center, you'll find healing session videos for 130+ issues that can keep you stuck. From fear to food cravings, grief to guilt, it's all here.

Guided Healing Plans

If you were personally seeing me as a client, this is the work we'd do together.

When you've been stuck in a rut for years, you need guided support to get you out. I personally crafted these healing plans to walk you through daily and weekly healing processes that gives you success.

Note: You get access to ALL healing plans with a Healing Center subscription.

Monthly Healing Coaching Calls

I am personally invested in your healing success.

In today's world, full of distractions and negative energy, you need consistent support. Each month, I host a live healing call to answer questions and offer personalized guidance. Current events can affect our collective energy, so I also give insight into which Healing Center resources support your continued emotional balance right now.

Healing Center Private Group

Connect with like-minded people who cheer you on.

As you move through your healing process, connect with others in our private group, where we share stories, questions, and encouragement. My team and I actively participate in that group, so you have access to the support you need.

You can count on success. Here's what people have to say:

Each session illuminated something, in some cases never known, and then lifted me during each resolution. The sense of peace I received as I watched truly surprised me.

Suzanne C.

I would recommend The Healing Center to anyone who is struggling with traditional “counseling” methods of therapy. The shift in energy combined with positive affirmations and reflection, is very calming and centering. It provides another source of internal healing that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Dannielle R.

I've felt more connected to myself and care more about what I want and need instead of what others think I need.

Jared M.

The Healing Center is simple, easy to do, and passive. It allows the energy to just balance without my brain getting in the way.

Judy S.

How to Heal Your Inner Child brought me safely to that little three year old who was crying looking for an adult to help her. I was sobbing! I couldn't believe it. And through that session I went, as myself, now an adult, and comforted that child. I've been a therapist for 40 years working with children and adults with disabilities. No one in college ever talked about this! And yet in one session - that inner child was healed and loved. I could move on.

Mary E.

The Clearing Session for Being Overweight is just what I needed. I even got emotional, both in the overweight one and the body shaming one. I’m proud of my body. I love my body. I’m excited to see the results come as I release the blocks I’ve had. The techniques are so simple.

KrisAn M.

Only available until August 14th

Healing Plan for Self-Confidence Led personally by me, Aug 14-Sep 4

My Healing Guarantee

I'm certain that The Carol Tuttle Healing Center will change your life and free you from whatever keeps you stuck. I'll give you 4 weeks (the length of my longest guided healing plan) to be as certain as I am. If you find The Healing Center isn't for you, you may cancel easily online at any time.

What does The Healing Center cost?

Therapy or coaching can be costly and limited in access.

For example, the rare times I offer private healing sessions, they cost $1200.

The Healing Center gives you access to 130+ healing sessions, available any time of day. In each session, you're sitting with me as my client, receiving my best work, for much less.

Join The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

Your investment today gives you full access to:

  • 130+ individual healing sessions
  • All 10 Guided Healing Plans
  • Monthly Live Healing Calls with Carol
  • Private Online Group for members

You get unlimited access for as long as you're subscribed

1 Month


For less than the price of a therapy visit, you get access to every healing session and plan, all month long.

Monthly Subscription

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Cancel any time.

Save $10 per month

3 Months


Make the commitment to yourself and your healing—and get the support you need at a lower price.

3 Month Subscription

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More successful healing

I'm thankful to have access to these sessions over and over again so I can continue to release parts of my wounded self. I am healing the unhealthy generational patterns passed down to me from my ancestors. My life, my marriage, the life of our children and our posterity is changing for the better. We are forever grateful! <3

JoAnn M.

The Healing Center makes energy healing very practical and personal.

Gregg S.

What's stopping you?


I'm too busy.

Excellent. That means you have a lot going on—which means you need to be at your best. A few minutes of consistent healing can free up hours, weeks, even years of your life. Watch a quick healing session and be on your way.


I don't know if the cost is worth it.

I only deliver what I know can be valuable for you, in part because it's been so valuable to me. My track record shows that I can help you get unstuck. How much are your blocks costing you in terms of money, relationships, and your life?


It won't work for me.

The healing sessions I've prepared for you will open up the healing capacity within you. You already have what it takes! Together, we'll shift your old stories and create new patterns, so that life is actually easier to live.


  • Will The Healing Center work for me?
    Yes, it is set up for your success. Every person has unseen blocks and dysfunctional energy patterns to be healed. That includes you. The key to success is your commitment. The Healing Center will work for you as long as you open it up and use it.
  • I only want certain videos. Do I need to purchase a whole subscription?
    The Healing Center is designed to support your full healing. So yes, everything comes with your subscription. Today, you may only want the sessions for relationships. But as you heal, you may see that you also need the sessions for anger, stress, or emotional baggage. Your subscription gives you every part of The Healing Center without worrying about extra cost.
  • How long does my subscription last?
    As long as you want it. Depending which subscription you choose, you will be billed every month or every three months—until you decide to cancel. You can sign up for 1 month, just to clear up small issues. Or you can keep your subscription going to help you with whatever challenges come your way.

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