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“The most life-changing book I have ever read.”

—Shannon W.

Remembering Wholeness 20th Anniversary Edition

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Without a doubt I can say that the understanding of the information in this book has changed my life. If you are ready to really get what you want out of life and not just say you do . . . then this is the book for you.”

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What you get in my Creation Bundle

  • 1

    Remembering Wholeness 20th Anniversary Edition New insights in all 60 chapters

  • 2

    Carol Tuttle’s
    Creation Journal Create the best days of your life

  • 3

    Remembering Wholeness Daily Reminder Deck Be intentional about your life

1. Remembering Wholeness 20th Anniversary Edition

Updated edition, with new insights in all 60 chapters!

wenty years ago, I released a book to help people stop struggling and choose to thrive. In those years, Remembering Wholeness has been read and beloved by over 300,000 people around the world.

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“My fav life-changing book of all time.”

—Wendy Cullum
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“My first copy is so loved, pages are falling out!”

—Jonelle Dansie
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“One of my favorite books!”

—Brandi Ryan
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“So helpful in this negative world.”

—Sandy Caruso
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“If more people read this, the world would be better off.”

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“Brought me out of a deep depression.”

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“One of the short chapters saved my marriage.”

—M. Pratt

When I wrote Remembering Wholeness in 1999, I understood the concepts in theory.

What I didn’t know then was how to live those concepts the way I do now. Carol Tuttle,
author of Remembering Wholeness

In this 20th Anniversary update of Remembering Wholeness, I share two decades of insight—80 new pages added to the original book. Each updated chapter shares new insight, along with personal lessons from putting this book’s principles into practice. It will help you do the same, so that you can let go of struggle and live a life of joy.

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Carol Tuttle, author of Remembering Wholeness

2. Carol Tuttle’s Creation Journal

My personal process to create the best days of your life.

emembering Wholeness teaches that you’re a powerful creator. Many people understand this mentally. But they don’t know how to fully live it. That’s where my Creation Journal comes in.

In my own process of living what I teach in Remembering Wholeness, I bought a journal and modified it for some daily creation practices. After having great success with it, I created my own to teach you my process and make it simple for you to have one amazing day after another.

The journaling practice takes less than 5 minutes a day. With very little time and effort, you’ll get great results.

The only thing you have to get used to is having so many great days!

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3. Remembering Wholeness Daily Reminder Deck

The reminders I wish I’d had when I started.

reating your life starts with your thoughts. And training your thoughts takes practice. When I started to intentionally create my life, I needed visual cues and reminders.

At the end of every chapter in the 20th Anniversary edition of Remembering Wholeness, I wrote you a new takeaway to remember. Keeping these reminders present in your life will help you live at a higher vibration.

My Remembering Wholeness deck includes all 60 reminders from the updated book. Each two-sided card is a powerful reminder of how to create the life you want to live. Put them where you can see them and enjoy the change in your life.

Buy the Creation Bundle Order the Creation Bundle

This book gives you powerful answers for our time.

This book answers these questions and more…

  • Has God given us the power to create the lives we want?

  • Do we have a say in our future? Individually, and as a planet?

  • Can healing happen immediately?

  • How can we create outpourings of joy and prosperity?

  • Why is this the best time to be alive when it can feel like the worst?

Get your copy of the ultimate spiritual self-help book. And if you’ve already read Remembering Wholeness, this is your sign that it’s time to read it again!

People love Remembering Wholeness.

The first edition has been read by over 300,000 worldwide

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“I love this book, Carol. Thank you so much for writing it. It came to me when I needed it most. Definitely one of my favorite treasures.”

—Muriel Mendoza
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“My fav life-changing book of all time.”

—Wendy Cullum
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“My first copy is so loved, pages are falling out!”

—Jonelle Dansie
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“Remembering Wholeness is such a great book! I read it 9 years ago and it was so profound and life-changing. I'm excited for the new and improved edition.”

—Wyndie Reynolds
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“I find so much value in this book, I have listened to it more than any other book I've ever listened to!”

—Jo Moghimi
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“I love this book. It changed my life and I will definitely be getting a new copy when it comes out. Thank you for giving me the tools to truly live as the best version of me.”

—Carolyn Thomson
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“I’m looking forward to reading through this new and improved edition. (I’m sure I’ve read it about 20 times and probably purchased almost as many to give to friends and family.)”

—Jenette Vasky
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“I was recently led back to this book. It resonates so deeply with me. Thank you Carol for writing this and sharing it with the world.”

—Erica Lafferty
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“This book definitely changed my life and I have recommended it to several friends throughout the years.”

—Elise Morris
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“I’m excited to read the updated version…the first one has been a treasure!”

—Marah Marlette
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“I love this book! It showed up in my life at such a critical point. It really did help me turn toward a better self-esteem & a better appreciation for God & for my fellow human beings.”

—Jessica M.
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“I don't like to dog-ear my books but I found myself doing this to just about every page. It will awaken you to the powers we have to change our lives in extraordinary ways and it's so simple it's mind blowing.”

—Eilene K.
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“I have personally put into practice each step that is outlined and everything in my life has changed for the better.”

—Lynda Worthington
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“A few years ago, one of the short chapters saved my marriage.”

—M. Pratt
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“As a therapist I always joke that this book will put me out of business!”

—Francisco L.
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“Carol Tuttle is right on target with this survival tool. She presents her thoughts in an upbeat, but incredibly practical way that is easy to understand.”

—Carolyn Anderson
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“The tools provided by Carol in her book are priceless and divinely inspired.”

—E.C. Lear
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“Remembering Wholeness is like looking deep into your own soul and putting in that one crucial piece that connects the rest together.”

—Bethanne Sainsbury
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“Remembering Wholeness is a refreshing contrast to the babble of the world. Carol's message is one of hope and blessing.”

—Jessie Turner
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“After implementing Carols' suggestions into my life I have a new life. My kids are happy and obedient, my health has improved (some days migraines were debilitating), I no longer suffer from depression, someone asked me about a particular family problem and it took me a few moments to realize that it no longer existed, every aspect of my life has improved. She has such valuable information that I couldn't help sharing...I have personally given away an entire case of this book!”

—Julie Waddell
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“If more people read this, the world would be better off.”

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“This book is referred to in my circles as “The Book.” It has changed my life and every life I get a copy for (at least a dozen).”

—M. Star
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“This is the book I recommend most to others ever since I read it for the first time 15 years ago. It was life changing for me. Thank you for writing it!”

—Jada Rhodes
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“Every time someone asks what book has impacted my life the most, I always say Remembering Wholeness. I’ve never cried so much while reading a book! It changed my life!”

—Tara Risbon
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“My aunt was given inspiration to call and tell me about this book. I had just lost my mother, whom I didn’t have a good relationship with due to her narcissism. This book changed my life and put me on the path to healing and forgiveness!”

—Sharon Adams
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“I am so grateful for this book, it showed up at a critical point in my life. As I read it, it brought together everything I'd been learning through some intense counseling during the previous year and helped me see connections I hadn't seen before… It was a big part of my healing journey!”

—Heather Bosshardt
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“My mom gave this book to me early on in my marriage and it was life changing for me. It healed and helped me move past certain things and it’s what made me love all things Carol Tuttle. I recently found list of positive affirmations I made while reading it and I was happy to see those things brought to my life.”

—Jelissa Tolleson
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“I’ve read it more than once and reference it often! When I first read it, I said to myself, “Man, Carol really has this life figured out!””

—Terri Richins
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“This book changed my life in so many profound ways. I recommend it often with always the same results…. People so grateful for the gift of reading it!”

—Barbara Yentes
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“This is by far one of the best books I’ve read three times!!! It’s divinely written and a different read each time. Carol, you changed my life in so many ways!”

—Cat Mamone
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“One of my favorite books!”

—Brandi Ryan
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“I will read or listen to this book every week/month for the rest of my life!”

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“Love this book. It is easy to read very short chapters so you can really get through it much faster. A lot of insight. I love her references to God and how that helped her. She is non-judgmental regarding your personal Spiritual view and she is a breath of fresh air.”

—Sheila Hussey
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“Life-changing. Written to be read and re-read, enjoyed, benefited from and read again.”

—Shannon Wright
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“This book changed my life. Perhaps I should say, saved my life. I had borrowed it from a friend and soon realized that I needed my own so I could underline, highlight, and refer back to often. For me, this book couldn't have come into my life at a better time.”

—Irene Craft
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“So helpful in this negative world.”

—Sandy Caruso
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“Brought me out of a deep depression and anxiety time of my life. I bought others to give to friends and family.”

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“This book moved me to a whole new level of understanding personal responsibility. It definitely raised the stakes in the game of life and empowered/challenged me more than most of the other self-help books I have encountered.”

—Marilynn Freeman
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“This book has affected my life so personally that I am tempted to have it surgically attached! I never want to be without it.”

—Pamela Gudiel
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“This is truly a handbook for thriving. My copy is highlighted, dog-eared and otherwise marked completely from beginning to end.”

—Linda Armstrong
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“This is book for anyone who is serious about wanting to create a better life!”

—Kim Mack
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I’ve written 10 books. If I could recommend only one to you, it would be Remembering Wholeness.

ver the years, I’ve taught people how to understand themselves, how to create a personal style, how to attract more money, how to personalize their parenting, and more. This book is the foundation that makes all those other lessons work.

It’s great to know your Energy Type, but if you’re living a life of struggle, you’ll just bring that struggle with you to the experience. You’ll still make it hard to be yourself.

If you’re ready to eliminate the experience struggle from your life, read this book.

This world needs people who create their life with intention and live that life with joy. Read Remembering Wholeness and let that person be you! It will raise the vibration for all of us. –Carol Tuttle

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  • Remembering Wholeness 20th Anniversary Edition

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    Creation Journal

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  • Daily
    Reminder Deck

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  • Praise for Remembering Wholenessi
  • Acknowledgementsxvii
  • Introduction xix
  • Chapter 1ENERGY WHAT?1
  • Chapter 2We Choose Every Thought We Think and We Can Create Any Thought We Want7
  • Chapter 3Energy Follows Thought—and Every Subconscious and Conscious Thought Creates Our Lives13
  • Chapter 4We Choose Our Perception and Our Perception Becomes Our Reality17
  • Chapter 5Whatever We Believe We Experience Multiplied25
  • Chapter 6We Create What We Experience33
  • Chapter 7Our Most Powerful Point of Creation Is in the Present Moment39
  • Chapter 8We Have Always Been Whole45
  • Chapter 9Birth Leaves an Imprint That Starts Our Life as a Struggle51
  • Chapter 10The Power and Purpose of Negative Emotion61
  • Chapter 11Affirmations Work67
  • Chapter 12Physical Disease Has an Emotional and Mental Origin75
  • Chapter 13Why We Hold on to Disease and Disharmony81
  • Chapter 14Energy Healing for Depression87
  • Chapter 15Healing Can Happen Quickly95
  • Chapter 16Receive Your Healing Now101
  • Chapter 17The Earth Has a Soul and Is Changing105
  • Chapter 18We Can Change the Way We Feel Instantly109
  • Chapter 19The Universe Always Holds Us Accountable117
  • Chapter 20Everything We Experience Outside Ourselves Is Just a Mirror for Us123
  • Chapter 21Your Energy Speaks Louder Than Your Words129
  • Chapter 22How Much Joy Can You Hold?133
  • Chapter 23We Are All One139
  • Chapter 24Everyone Is Psychic145
  • Chapter 25Unconditional Love Is the Most Powerful Force in the Universe151
  • Chapter 26Angels Are Among Us157
  • Chapter 27How to Petition Your Angels165
  • Chapter 28The Power of Synchronicity173
  • Chapter 29You Are a Creator179
  • Chapter 30I Am Doing Everything You Teach— Why Can’t I Manifest What I Want?185
  • Chapter 31Energizing Your Beliefs to Manifest More of What You Want191
  • Chapter 32Your Child May Be a Highly Evolved Master Being197
  • Chapter 33Knowledge Has Organizing Power Inherent in It205
  • Chapter 34The Purpose of the Planet213
  • Chapter 35We Lived as Spirits before We Came to Earth217
  • Chapter 36Each of Us Has Spiritual Brothers and Sisters Who Are Not in Our Biological Family227
  • Chapter 37We All Made Sacred Agreements Before We Came to Earth233
  • Chapter 38Saviors on Mount Zion241
  • Chapter 39Do You Believe in the Real God?249
  • Chapter 40How to Have Your Own Conversation with God255
  • Chapter 41Feel Your Prayers261
  • Chapter 42All the Answers Are Inside of Us267
  • Chapter 43Everyone in Your Life Plays a Part in Your Play, With a Script You Have Given Them273
  • Chapter 44Since Everyone in Your Life Plays a Part in Your Play—with a Script You Have Given Them— You Can Change the Scripts Any Time281
  • Chapter 45How to Keep Yourself Stuck287
  • Chapter 46It’s About Healing Marriages, Not BreakingThem Up291
  • Chapter 47The Ten Lies We Think Are Love299
  • Chapter 48It’s about Healing Families, Not Breaking Them Up307
  • Chapter 49Messages Your Children Need to Hear315
  • Chapter 50Your Spirit Is Whole and Complete323
  • Chapter 51Forgiveness Is Not Optional329
  • Chapter 52There Is Enough Money for Everyone333
  • Chapter 53The Universe Is Abundant341
  • Chapter 54Serving Others Helps Us Remember Our Wholeness345
  • Chapter 55The Power of Appreciation and Gratitude349
  • Chapter 56The Test Is Ending353
  • Chapter 57Remembering Our Future359
  • Chapter 58I Believe in Christ363
  • Chapter 59There Is a Christ in All of Us371
  • Chapter 60Charity: The Pure Love of Christ375
  • Afterword 379
  • About the Author381
  • Appendix of Prayers383
  • Appendix of Self-help Processes387
  • Appendix of Helpful Resources407

Everything at its finest level of creation is energy. We are exchanging energy and silently communicating energetically with every person we meet or come into contact with. Energy impressions are always our first impressions that influence what we think or feel about others.

I have worked in the field of Energy Healing for over three decades. I started my career in the field of Energy Healing as a Rapid Eye Therapist and Reiki Master Teacher. I went on to become proficient and certified in numerous energy healing modalities. I have had the good fortune of becoming well known online and as a result, being able to help a vast number of people heal from emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that kept them stuck, creating the same lack and pain over and over.

Energy healing is based on the theory that we can initiate deep and lasting healing in our own mind-body energy system through natural, easy-to-use, self-applied methods. With the tools

of energy healing, we can clear the overloads of negative, heavy energy we carry that taxes and creates imbalances on all levels of our system. Energy healing works from the inside out. And as we clear our limiting beliefs and emotional wounds, we free up the body to heal.

I teach people that energy healing modalities are not the healing power. They are tools that clear the energy we experience as negative and that we keep re-creating, energy that blocks and interferes with our spiritual powers and the truth of who we really are. As we clear this energy, we allow powers of remembering to be awakened within us, and for our spirit nature to awaken us to our wholeness on all levels of our being.

Clearing is one part of the healing process. The other part is learning new life skills that incorporate living by spiritual truths in a practical way so that we can maintain and continue to increase our state of well-being. I tell clients that they come in focused on recovery and clearing the negative, and graduate to creating and manifesting the future.

I believe that deep and lasting change is a spiritual process. I was drawn to energy healing because of the spiritual model it incorporated. At the spiritual level, energy healing therapies assist individuals in remembering their wholeness. As negative energy is released, clients are opened to their spiritual nature. This allows them to remember who they are and why they are here. Energy healing therapies offer comfortable processes that support us in remembering our real selves—naturally and gracefully.

There are many modalities of energy healing now available. When I began my study in the alternative or complementary health field, there were very few. To learn more about the energy therapies I use in my work, and to learn about my Healing Center where I

make these resources readily available online, please refer to the Appendix of Helpful Resources in the back of the book.

The greatest truth to remember is that there is no power outside of us. Only the power we give to things that cause us to feel like a victim to them. Claiming our power back and actively creating our lives is truly remembering our wholeness.


When I first felt the promptings to write Remembering Wholeness in 1999, I was worried and afraid of what other people would think. I was going out on a limb, talking about something—energy healing and the law of creation—that few had heard of and most perceived as dubious and unsubstantial as it is not backed by much research. I knew one of the missions of Remembering Wholeness was to bridge a gap between metaphysics and the teachings of Christ. I reference God the Father and Mother, along with Jesus Christ throughout the book. I knew that many Christians would call heresy on me to talk about Jesus Christ and energy healing in the same book. The more I learned about the laws of creation and energy healing in my early days of study, though, I clearly saw that Christ was the ultimate healer that had mastered the laws of creation. Based on my religious and spiritual understandings, there was no better role model to follow and learn from.

If you are new to energy healing and are Christian, I invite you to keep an open mind. If you are not religious and do not recognize God or Christ in your belief system, I invite you to replace those references with what supports your understanding. The bottom line for me is that I absolutely know there is a power greater than me that has guided me as I have pioneered new genres and forged a path for others to claim their truths and gifts. More than any book I

have written, I have heard more often from readers of Remembering Wholeness over the years that this single book changed their lives more than any book they ever read. For that I am grateful. I knew when I wrote it that many lives would be touched and changed for the better.

As you remember your wholeness, have more fun along the way. Whatever is happening in your life right now is perfect, it is divinely designed to support you in the best possible way to remember your truest nature, your godself. If it was not perfect, something else would be happening! Trust it and come alive in the feeling of this exact moment; whatever that feeling is, it is perfect.

How do you accept what is without feeling like you are giving up or settling for what you don’t want? Try this energy hack: think of something in your life that you would like to change, just pick one! Now ask yourself the following questions: 1.

  1. Is what you don’t want actually happening or something you fear will happen? Is it something in your life right now, or is it just in your mind? If it is just in your mind, your attention on it could help it materialize. 2.

  2. If it is an actual life situation you are currently experiencing as you move through your day-to-day experience: how much time in the day do you actually experience it? In most cases, the amount of time in the actual experience is minimal, but it feels like more as you experience it in your mind a lot, as your thoughts are preoccupied by it.

Next, allow yourself to completely immerse yourself in the experience you want to change. In your imagination, just see yourself accepting it as if it will never change. Choose it. Love it. Bring it

into your heart. Become one with it. Take a deep breath and fill this image with light and healing. As you do this, you start to transmute the energy of this experience.

Remember: Love is more powerful than resistance. You have no power to change what you resist; it only gets stronger. You must first learn to accept, allow, and love it. Only then will it start to change.

I remember when I really woke up to this truth. It made me furious and in the same moment, I experienced one of the most freeing energies I had ever felt. I was on my knees pleading with God to help me get on with my life. I still felt stuck and needed more strength to overcome the constant struggles in my life. God, or Heavenly Father and Mother, as I affectionately refer to the God I believe in, told me in that moment that the reason I kept having struggles was because I kept believing I was a victim in life. I was told that I was creating it, and if I changed my belief and really believed at a cellular level that I was no longer a victim, my life would change completely.

I was angered by this feedback because if this were the case, I could no longer blame anyone else for the dysfunction in my life. I liked believing I was a victim who had learned to be a survivor and others and circumstances beyond my control were at fault for my struggles. I really knew how to put the blame on God and

Satan as well. Weren’t most of life’s challenges either God trying and proving us or Satan tempting us? If I were the creator—and I mean the one that at some level influenced everything that had ever and would ever happen to me—then I was creating some pretty messed up scenarios.

I would have to own it all and I didn’t like that. I still thought someone had to be blamed and now it would be me. I became very determined to really understand this truth. I knew in the moment of my anger that if this were true, then I could create something really wonderful for myself. I figured, wow, I’ve got real potential here. Look how well I created the things I believe I don’t want. If I can even be half as good at creating what I do want, my life could be very sweet.

Through my personal experience and my years of professionally assisting others in awakening, I have concluded that the deeper beliefs held in our subconscious mind can often play out to be some of the most powerful influences in what we end up creating and re-creating in our lives.

Many of our limiting beliefs held about our world and ourselves were genetically passed down to us from our ancestors and established in our childhood. We chose into this experience to support us in having the contrast we need to experience humanity. As children, we also created our own dysfunctional patterns in order to counter our families’ limiting beliefs and give us a sense of safety in our world. As adults, we can identify and release those deeply rooted limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns.

Even though you may not be consciously thinking limiting beliefs about yourself, you are still sending out a powerful signal that attracts into your life the people and events that honor what still exists for you at the subconscious level.

That is why life is such a great mirror for us. If you want to know what your most powerful beliefs are about yourself —whether you are aware of them or not —just look at your life. Once I finally understood this principle, I began to notice the limiting aspects of my life and look at them differently.

Even after devoting many, many years to my own awakening and spiritual growth, I know I am still evolving and remembering my truth. When a situation occurs that is reflecting back to me a belief that is limiting, I now tell the truth about it and ask myself, “What part of me is still believing I am not lovable?” I then declare the truth to myself by thinking, “I am gracefully and comfortably free of all limiting beliefs about myself on all levels. I am experiencing my divine worth and everything I create is a reflection of that.”

A client may come to me consciously unaware of some of their most powerful limiting beliefs, yet their life experience is clearly shouting to them they have them. For some, those limiting beliefs may be hard to accept because they spent years blocking them out from their conscious thinking mind in order to survive their trauma.

  • At Gary’s first session I asked him how he felt about himself, his self-confidence and self-worth? He shared he felt fine that he had enough self-worth and confidence. He was completely ignorant of his deeper held beliefs that kept manifesting as limiting experiences very obviously in his day-to-day life. That his deeply held limiting beliefs were sending out powerful signals that attracted disease, disharmony, and painful events into his life.

  • Gary came to me after coming through an experience with cancer that almost ended his physical life. He had overcome the cancer, yet he was physically exhausted, depleted, and still required a lot

of medication daily. He was in tremendous conflict with his wife and close to separating from her, believing she was not sensitive to his needs and “the love had gone out of their marriage.” He had also been fired recently from a high-powered position because of some misconduct on his part and at our first session was unwilling to discuss the details of his actions. He was extremely depressed and hopeless. He believed that all of this life experience had “happened to him.”

A person who knows and embraces their wholeness on all levels, and who has life skills that complement that knowing, has the evidence of a life experience that reflects this state of being. The clients that work with my healing resources that are aware of how their painful childhood experiences are interrupting their ability to have a healthy, joyful adult life are challenged differently.

For them, the challenge often is to take ownership of what they keep re-creating and to stop blaming their parents or perpetrators and everything outside of them as the problem. They have acquired a perception that their limiting beliefs about themselves must be true because “look at what keeps happening in my life.” They are still believing that their experiences create their beliefs. Very quickly, I introduce them to the Universal truth: “Your beliefs create your experience.”

By identifying and clearing the limiting beliefs held in your subconscious mind, by what I refer to as your “wounded inner child,” you will identify and clear the limiting patterns and experiences you keep recreating.

Creating new beliefs held by your wounded inner child (subconsciously), and your adult self (consciously), makes it easy to

establish new healthy patterns in your current experience. In these new thoughts and patterns, you send out a vibration or signal that attracts back into your life more of what you want. You stop creating what you don’t want and get very good at creating what you do want, which will make your life very sweet.


It may seem as if there has been a global drop in the energy of the world. After all, there’s so much going on, and so much stressful news broadcast at rapid speed. As the vibration of the planet increases, there is more light. However, when more light is present, the shadows are exposed and appear to be stronger. There is no more darkness; it is just coming into sharper focus. In the natural cycle of healing, toxins have to be dispelled in order to rebuild. While it may look and feel as if things are worse than ever (with mainstream media helping to paint that story), it is more important than ever to be aware of what you focus on. The light is there and you have the power to focus on it.

Think of yourself 10 or 20 years ago. Did you feel like you could trust leadership and institutions of authority in the world? Twenty years ago, I assumed authority figures had my interests at heart much more than I would ever think that today. I don’t feel the same anymore. That’s not a bad thing. In fact, it’s meant to happen in the energy shift that is occurring in our time. I’m not meant to give away my power blindly. I choose to take my power back and use it to do what is correct for me and what will create more positivity in the world.

You are an electromagnetic being, emitting a frequency. Only those things that are on the same frequency as the ones you are emitting can come into your experience. Every single person, event,

and circumstance in your day is telling you what frequency you are on. Those frequencies are created by both your subconscious and conscious beliefs.

Remember: There is more light and truth on the planet that has been activated, which only makes it look like there is more fear. Focus on the light and you will thrive. Focus on the collective fear and your energy will drop.