You (yes, just you) have the power to transform your relationship.

A two-week relationship program to help you feel heard, enjoy each other again, and rekindle your beautiful connection.

Start your Relationship Reset now!

Imagine for a moment what it would feel like to be excited about your relationship again.

Picture this. It’s a few months from now, and you’re calling up your best friend.

“I can’t believe it, but things are different now!”

She’s known about the challenges you’ve been having in your relationship. Together, you’ve had countless talks about what was wrong and what wasn’t working.

Today though, you hear the thrill in her voice as she says, “Tell me everything.”

Let's bring back the harmony in your relationship

You remember what it was like to beam when you were around your partner. There was lightness and fun between you. I promise you, that is not lost. I’ll show you how to uncover it.

You just want to feel heard, understood, and supported. But dysfunctional patterns snuck up and became the norm. Discover how to dissolve the distance between you and feel closer than ever.

Enjoying a morning cup of coffee while you chat about the day ahead. Going on a date that feels special. Cooperating better than you have in years. Sometimes the little things are actually the big things.


I joined the Healing Center to do the Relationship Reset...a last-ditch effort (after 4 years of other work) to save myself from a self-destructive fix it or set myself free (married 24 years).

My focus was on Heartfelt Connection, on finding my way back to him.

The walls started coming down and I started to drop my Judgements and find my Compassion.

In my wildest dreams, I never imagined that Healing Center work would = FOREPLAY

Today was the best day in 20 years, so harmonious all day, like we were dating and starting over together.—Gail B.

I know what it’s like to be miserable in your relationship.

I’m Carol Tuttle, a healer, teacher, author, and speaker. My husband Jon and I used to be on the verge of divorce all the time. Very early on in our marriage, our dynamic became one of constant triggers and disagreements.

Our home life was stressful because we were always misunderstanding each other. We felt underappreciated and judged.

It was really hard to live like this.

We stopped having fun together.

We would either avoid talking to each other, or we would have the same argument over and over.

We could never resolve our issues. It would get so messy and discouraging. We talked about divorce often. We were worn out and didn’t know how to make things better.

But now, I can honestly say this is no longer the case.

We both feel understood and accepted.

I stay in my own energy without getting emotionally activated by him. I am able to be myself and support him to be his true self too. This work changed everything for us. And I know it can change everything for you too.

Whether you do this work on your own or with your partner, the Relationship Reset will change your life. Start your Relationship Reset now!


Five years ago I met the love of my life. We were blissfully happy together - until we weren’t. After a couple of years, our relationship changed, and we both began feeling insecure, confused, and imbalanced. We tried to work on our communication (later to learn that was only a symptom of our issues), but try as we might, we continued in a downward spiral that ultimately led to us ending the relationship.

In my grief, I sought out healing and Carol gave me the help and tools I needed to get to the root of the issues - abandonment, childhood wounding, betrayal - that were quietly sabotaging my life.

It was a terribly difficult time, but I used all of Carol’s Healing Center tools to heal myself, regain my inner strength from a new foundation, and to manifest the healthy, loving relationship I desired. The clearings I did not only supported me in my love life, but also helped heal my relationship with my parents as well.

Within a few months, my love and I reconnected, and are together to this day.

Our relationship looks and feels so very different than before, with so much more honesty, vulnerability, safety, and pure joy than I could have imagined possible. We are planning our future together and I could not be more grateful for this amazing work! Thank you, Carol!” —Colleen O.

This is a powerful, two-week online course designed to get to the root of your energetic patterns causing disharmony, discontent, disagreements, and dissatisfaction.

You’ll be guided through…

  • Daily scripts and affirmations

  • Two weeks of healing sessions to watch

  • Creation techniques

  • Sound meditations and visualizations

  • Group coaching calls and regular support from me

The Relationship Reset requires an average of 15-30 minutes a day. As you move through the course, the techniques will be quick once you’re familiar with them.

Course materials you’ll love

Clearing Session for Relationship Issues

This in-depth relationship clearing will support you in letting go of hidden emotions and beliefs that keep your relationship stuck in a compromised state.

6-Step Process for Clearing Relationship Upsets

This powerful audio will teach you how to shift the energy and dissolve the pattern of conflict and upsets. Once you memorize these easy steps, you will be able to use them with anyone, at any time.

Clearing Session for Fear of Rejection

You worry you’ll be rejected when you’re just being your true self. Learn how to stop the pattern of feeling as though you need to change yourself in order to be accepted by anyone, including your partner.

Clearing Session for Blame and Control

It’s easy to get stuck in patterns of blame and control with our partners. We don’t even realize it’s happening. This healing session will help you clear all the energy leading to this.

Energy Sketching

You’ll learn how to visualize on paper. When you use the technique taught in this session, you’ll help both you and your partner shift to a higher state of consciousness.

“Does my partner need to do this with me?”

I’m often asked if both people in the relationship need to do the work in order for things to change.

The good news is…they don’t!

Energy healing is amazing because it gives you the tools to completely change your experience without involving anyone else. You will see a huge shift whether you do this work alone or with someone else. This is incredibly empowering.

“What if I’m single?”

Another question I’m asked is, “I’m not in a relationship—could I still do this course?”

Absolutely. You’re going to be taking a look at your own patterns and clearing a lot of old stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore. This will dramatically improve any current relationship in your life (friend, family, employment, etc.) as well as prepare you for any future romantic partners.

Life-changing support along the way

To get access to the Relationship Reset, join the Carol Tuttle Healing Center. You’ll also have access to the extensive Healing Center library.

  • Positive, private group

    As you go through each session, you’ll have questions or successes. Come post in the private group! We work to make it one of the most positive places you’ll find online.

  • Incredible support from an incredible team

    My support team and I are active in the group for members. Just tag #supportangels and they’ll answer your questions and recommend Healing Center resources.

  • Personal help along the way

    You can start the Relationship Reset at any time. All the materials are ready for you to watch whenever you're ready.

your Relationship Reset now!


I’ve always wondered how people were in loving, supportive relationships. As a single woman, I had a desire for a beautiful relationship for about 15 years, but it wasn’t happening. Along the way, I developed a lot of beliefs that were hidden from me, and not only did I lose my faith, I became very bitter.

[When] the Carol Tuttle Healing Center launched, I decided to join. As I learned the basics of healing and followed my intuition, I actually began dating someone. Getting to that point was an entire healing journey in itself, and I entered it completely aware that I had areas to heal regarding myself in a relationship.

I am so incredibly grateful for the Healing Center for the big shifts in how I view myself because that has brought me back to who I truly am, and has delivered to me wonderful experiences while we were dating, and now while we are married.—Myriah M.

The Relationship Reset

March 20 - April 3, 2023

I am personally guiding Healing Center members through the two weeks of this course. The personal support and collective energy you experience by doing this together will help you create more powerful results!

During March & April 2023, I will...

  • Share insights in the Healing Center Facebook group to help you transform your relationship

  • Host a live coaching call to help you succeed

Start your Relationship Reset now!

My risk-free guarantee

I’m certain that your experience with the Relationship Reset will change your life. I’m so confident that I let you try the first two weeks for FREE. If you find this isn’t for you, cancel your membership any time.


I am so happy that I am seeing results from doing the relationship course with my estranged son in mind. Today was his birthday and I did the birth clearing via proxy for him. I reached out not expecting to hear anything back as we haven't spoken in years. Not only did he acknowledge my greeting we ended up chatting for half an hour!

I have been keeping him in my heart and doing figure 8s and hoping that we could at least talk to each other again. I am so thankful for all Carol has taught me so far and I continue to show up and do the work. I am also very grateful for this group and the people who allow themselves to be vulnerable and share their journey, I learn so much from you as well. —B.S.

Let's enhance the romance in your relationship.

Get started with your 14-day free trial

  • The entire Relationship Reset

  • 5 quick daily practices

  • 2 weeks of healing sessions

  • 6 audio sessions to drop in

  • 10 video teachings of clearings and techniques

  • 3 extra sessions for when you want to dive deeper

  • Live encouragement in a private Facebook group

  • Access to everything in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

  • BONUS: 2 group calls with Carol (recorded for all members)

Start your Relationship Reset now!

No charge until your free trial ends.
After your free trial, monthly membership is $69.

quote-red Created with Sketch. I’ve seen many therapists over many years and have been in a variety of healing groups. he healing I’m experiencing from your Healing Center (and books) is powerful, fast, and comes with more ease. I’m so grateful and hopeful and amazed. quote-red Created with Sketch.

-Teresa Douglass

quote-red Created with Sketch. I was listening to the How to Change the Scripts session in the Relationship Plan. When I started listening, I wondered who I would want to change the scripts. My dad, who has been gone for many years, presented and excitedly reached for a new script. I do believe he would do it all differently if he could.

I have blamed him for setting me up for my unhealthy relationships with men. I feel that I can let go of that blame now and feel that he is the cheerleader I always wanted him to be. I now know I was repeating patterns, I can accept responsibility for creating those repeat patterns, and can create new patterns.

I am in fact doing so now with a new and healthy relationship. This NEVER would have happened without all I have learned and applied through the CTHC. quote-red Created with Sketch.

-Suza B.

quote-red Created with Sketch. I'm working through the relationship plan right now. I'm in a new relationship and just want to set us up for success and create a loving relationship with someone I truly enjoy being around. I have a belief of "I have to do everything myself", "men don't support me" and "men use me" I'm having to clear. It's nice because I can recognize my pattern and can identify my subconscious belief and fix it before it sabotages us. I'm learning to speak up about my feelings which I've never experienced in an intimate relationship. I am so very grateful for this work. quote-red Created with Sketch.

-Stephanie B.

Take your relationship from rocky to rocking.

Get started with your 14-day free trial

  • The entire Relationship Reset

  • 5 quick daily practices

  • 2 weeks of healing sessions

  • 6 audio sessions to drop in

  • 10 video teachings of clearings and techniques

  • 3 extra sessions for when you want to dive deeper

  • Live encouragement in a private Facebook group

  • Access to everything in The Carol Tuttle Healing Center

  • BONUS: 2 group calls with Carol (recorded for all members)

Start your Relationship Reset now!

No charge until your free trial ends.
After your free trial, monthly membership is $69.


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    Does my partner have to do this course with me? (What if I don’t have a partner?)

    The simple answer is, no! Energy healing work is amazing because it gives you the tools to completely change your experience without involving anyone else. Whether you’re married, single, in a relationship or not, you will still see a huge shift whether you do this work alone or with someone else.

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    Is this course only meant for heterosexual women?

    It is meant for anyone and everyone, no matter your sexual orientation or gender identity. Where applicable, I have used the term “partner” to be inclusive toward all relationships. My husband Jon and I are in a monogamous, heterosexual relationship, so any terminology using that language is shared only from my personal experience. I welcome you to make this course your own, and proudly change the language where you see fit to match your own personal experience.

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    How much time do I need to dedicate to this course?

    About 15-30 minutes of actually engaging with the material. That means watching a clearing session, completing the daily practices, and doing a quick energy sketch.

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    What if I find the Relationship Reset is not for me?

    To get the course, you join the Carol Tuttle Healing Center with a 14-day free trial. I offer that so you have time to see whether or not the course is for you. If you do pay for a monthly membership and decide you don’t want it anymore, you can cancel at any time. There is no contract or length of time that you have to be subscribed. Start your 14-day free trial to see how much this course can help you.

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    Do I have to be a member of Facebook to participate?

    We offer a highly active, supportive, private group on Facebook as part of your subscription. While some Healing Center members choose not to interact on Facebook, they still find their membership to The Healing Center to be powerful without it. So the answer is: No, you do not need to be on Facebook to participate. But you may want to consider joining us there to get the added value of what we offer within the group!