Tips for choosing the right size

Tips for ordering the right size

1. Determine your current measurements.

2. Keep your measurements up to date.

If you lose or gain weight, measure yourself again. Keep your measurements handy so they are easy to access when shopping online.

3. Compare your measurements to the model’s measurements,

to determine whether you will size up or down from the size the model is wearing. The model usually wears a medium/large. If she is wearing a small in the photo (noted in the product description), you will know the item runs large, and to purchase a size smaller than normal. etc.

4. Study the way the garment fits the model,

where it is loose and where it is fitted. Relate this information to your measurements to determine where the garment would be loose or fitted on your body.

5. When you have sizing success, note the brand and the size.

When shopping in the future, reference the brand’s sizes that you had success with.

How to Determine Your Measurement

For best results, measure yourself over your undergarments.

  • 1 Bust

    Measure under your arms,
    around the fullest part of
    your bust line.

  • 2 Waist

    Keep the tape a bit loose and measure around your natural waistline—the crease when you bend side to side.

  • 3 Hips

    Measure around the fullest part of your hips at, or near, the top of your legs.

Other measurements

  • Inseam measurement is from ankle to groin
  • Shoulder measurement is from bone to bone across
    your back
  • Arm measurement is from shoulder bone to wrist
    around the elbow with the arm slightly bent

Brush-On Brow Matching Chart

1. Determine if you have LIGHT, MEDIUM, or DARK hair. For best results, look for a color that is closest to your natural eyebrow color (unless coloring over gray, in which case, match to your dyed hair color). You can also match to the roots of your hair.

2. Next, identify if your hair is COOL, NEUTRAL, or WARM tone based on your Dominant and Secondary Energy Types. (Warm: 1/3, 3/1 Cool: 2/4, 4/2 Neutral: 1/2, 1/4, 2/1, 2/3, 3/2, 3/4)

3. Look at the chart below and find the perfect color combination for your shade and tone.*

* Not all shades have a cool or warm option available. As neutral is available in all shades, you can substitute a neutral option if needed.

Brush-On Brow Color
Light Warm
Light Neutral
Lite Brown
Light-Medium Cool
Medium Neutral
Dark Brown
Medium-Dark Cool
Dark Neutral
Black Brown
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It's Just My Nature!

The full overview of Energy Profiling. Teaches a comprehensive study of the 4 Energy Types and how they express in the nature kingdom and human nature. It includes personal profiling assistance, and specific details on how to learn Body Profiling.

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Shannon From California, US Energy Type: 1 9/23/2014

I have found this book to be so helpful and enlightening, it has given me permission to be me! It it written in a clear and concise manner that allows the reader the space to think and reflect on what is resonating with understanding and embracing who they are. And how they can understand and relate to others. Fabulous!!

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Michelle From Utah, US Energy Type: 2 9/23/2014

I absolutely love this book! It's one of the most life changing books I've ever read. I love how detailed it is in explaining each of the four energy types and what their gifts are. It will definitely change the way you look at yourself and everyone around you.

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Mary Ellen From Connecticut, US Energy Type: 2 9/23/2014

This is a very powerful book and follows beautifully with the Dressing Your Truth book. It goes beyond the first, taking you further on the journey of learning your truth. Excellent!

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Lisa From CO_US, Energy Type: 2 9/23/2014

I think this is an amazing concept and can't wait to order the book! Thank you for being so "connected" to who we really are.

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Renee From Utah, US Energy Type: 4 9/23/2014

I thoroughly enjoyed the depth of information provided in this book. It's a great go-to guide for learning and understanding the broader concepts of Energy Profiling. Perfect for understanding not only yourself but those in your life.

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